Jack Thompson's New Mexico GTA Lawsuit is Thrown Out by Judge

New Mexico judge today dismissed Jack Thompson's wrongful death suit against Take Two Interactive and Sony.

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ravinash4732d ago

Sure there is a big issue with media bombarding us with images of violence and sex. but people have the power to turn that TV off.
These companies sell entertainment, rather than focus on the product being sold, have a look at the people who are buying it and ask yourself why are they buying it.
Most people buy these games for escapism and to do the things you know you wouldn't want to do in real life.
If an individual has violent tendencies anyway, sure they will be into these games...but that’s just a septum, not the cause.
While I'm not a fan of GTA, I don't believe that this game makes people into who they are. Therefore you can't hold take 2 or Sony responsible for the actions of some nutter.

otherZinc4732d ago

a judge that has common sense!

Dr Nightblade4732d ago

i work with alot of civil lawyers...and since tort reform and caps on punitive damages have been set, and also how theres not much cash in medical malpractice anymore...this guy just smells money...big cash...theres too much cash for him to stop, i think he will keep on trying until he opens the door for all lawyers to rape the game system .