Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Hits (Japan) Nov. 22?

From "According to my friendly neighborhood Shibuya sources, Microsoft will announce tomorrow (late tonight for those of you in saner time zones) that the Xbox 360 HD DVD player attachment will ship to its wee Japanese fanbase just in time for the holidays. Priced at a very reasonable 19800 yen (20790 yen with tax), my source was eager to mention its 1080p capabilities and Windows XP Media Center Edition compatability."

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NextGen24Gamer5850d ago

my source was eager to mention its 1080p capabilities and Windows XP Media Center Edition compatability. Woo.

For those of you too lazy to type in "19800 japanese yen in US dollars", or your currency of choice, that's about 168 bucks

So....if someone wanted to play HD dvd's and utilize the media center extentions with 1080p playback....they could buy the core 360 with the add on for less than a stand alone HD dvd player....and you could still play games on it. Just not online games. 40% of 360 owners don't even go online with their 360. Very interesting indeed. I'm sorry but i have to say it. Thank YOU Microsoft. Thats spectacular. We know what kind of christmas gifts will 360 owners will be recieving this year. HD dvd player for well under 200. I just can't wait for the "Official" announcement. But MS has said all along it would be less than stand alones and the ps3...with the purchase of the premium. Thats how I knew it had to be under 200. YES.

HyperBear5850d ago

Thanks M$. This is gonna be sweet. HD DVD will be awsome. Only reason why im getting it is cause i think it is better than blu-ray, its obv. chepaer than Blu-Ray is fully supports 1080i, which my tv is, unlike blu-ray which most of it is 1080p. I just think at this point in time in movie formatting, HD DVD is the best. By maybe 2009 or somethin, Blu-Ray may be better caus emore 1080p tvs will be out and it maybe 600-900 bucks cheaper (unless sommething new comes out before then). Its just to damn bad, they didnt make a console with 360's Xbox Live and Games and PS3's Functionallity and Games and have a Blu-Ray/HD DVD drive that fully works, into one complete console. But if they did that, price would most liekly be around 1300-1500 bucks for a console, but hey, thats how much a Blu-Ray player right now is, so its affordable right?, WRONG. But yea, quite simple actually HD DVD is better and quality is better and everything. TopGamer you said it right on, but i still hate you for you and jay over there calling me a fanboy, when im excited about getting a PS3 and a Wii and having all 3. I cant believe you guys would put me down like that for having interest in all games in general and not just chose one and become a fanboy for that particular on like yourselves (no offence). At least my Sony friends dont mind, I just seem to have a hard time being friends with Xbox 360 ppl, like TopGamer, Jay.... and TheMart. But i guess you guys just dont like it when someone has interests in other stuff eh, or do you guys really hate me, and bash me around all day?

NextGen24Gamer5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

Did I call you a fanboy? If so, I apologize if I offended you. I was just giving Jay advice on controlling his temper on these forums and to ignore those who put him down. I don't think I mentioned your name. I don't have anything against anyone on here.

And I'm getting the ps3 and Wii as well. I'm just a little skeptical of sonys choices and I'm vocal about it. If I spend over 600 dollars for a ps3 and games, I should be able to speak frankly about it. I have never doubted whether it will have Great games. I just don't believe it will be better than the 360 (for games). I assume it will be close and most likely vary from game to game. I just can't wait for playable games for the ps3 so this way people can talk about games, rather than system comparissons. A great game is a great game. Whether it be on the ps3, 360, or the Wii. And If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't buy the ps3 or the Wii. There will be must have games for every system. I'm just (as of now) extremely pleased with the 360. No promises of what the 360 can do....but I'm actually please with the experience on live and next gen games. Sony fans find themselves bashing 360 games just because they have built up anger in all the bad news that has been surrounding the ps3. They lash out at us. (360 gamers). Because we are happy and have been for almost a year.

P.S. The hd dvd add on for the 360 diplays 1080p as well.

HyperBear5850d ago

That means a lot, but just for the record, you did not mention my name, but you said it in a way that i knew it was for me and the other guy that was pissed off at jay. But yea, i respect that. And i totally agree with you, if it werent for some games on PS3 and Wii i liked, i wouldnt get it at all. But there are games i like on them and i might as well get all 3 systems if i have the money, which i do. And yea, I know that the HD DVD puts out 1080p to, but lookin from a guys perspective who only has a 1080i LCD TV, the HD DVD will be a whole lot better cause it supports both of them with great quality on both, whereas the PS3-Bluray, it only supports 1080p mainly. But i totally agree with you, that i would still pick a 360 up before a Wii and PS3 anyday of the week, but now that i have my 360 and tons of games for it, and still tons to go, that I feel like its time for me to look at others (Sony-PS3, Nintendo-Wii) and see which one i like out of them, which is PS3 and get that. But ur right, 360 for us comes before PS3 and Wii, but now that we have our 360's we can actually take time away from the 360 a while, cause we've been playing it for about a year now, and focus on the new ones coming out PS3 and Wii. Its just i dont know why all 360 fanboys, not you, but all like TheMart and Jay, have a thing against me for being a true gamer and wanting a PS3 on day 1 and taking interest in all systems instead of just one like they are. Oh well, im out to play COD2 on Xbox Live, see ya in the next PS3 article i guess. LOL

Donkey Slayer5850d ago

Keepn in mind the CORE xbox360 does not do HD resolutions out of the box. Yes, it can do HD-DVD's but it will be 480i. You will need to also have a component or VGA cable ($39.99 MSRP each for the MS brand).

I hope it's true, but this is quite the opposite of the UK pricing mentioned a few days ago of 199 GBP ($371). Either way it does not guarantee a U.S. price, which is what matters to me, living in the U.S.

Also, HDMI is a big questions still.

signal3605850d ago

Why is HDMI a big question? You do not lose quality and all the studios are supporting comp. HD. So why is this even a worry? (Besides people with too much money like me, who likes to have one cable for video and audio)

Eternal E 8085850d ago

who in the world told you the core cant do HD that is just true non sense because the only difference in the core and premium is that the core dont have a HDD "Hard drive" and dont have crome disk tray thats all it dose not have any missing functions or cables from the it?

Eternal E 8085850d ago

about the 360 with the HD DVD ADD on will cost more than a ps3 was all non sense

signal3605850d ago

Where are you getting your info/source that the PS3's Blu-Ray "only supports 1080p mainly" ? Not to offend but, I do believe this is misinforming.

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