Sony Talks The Last Guardian, Demon's Souls, And The Vita Launch

2011 was one of Sony's best year's in terms of first-party software releases. The company put many titles, such as LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, and Infamous 2. Sony also released its newest handheld, the PlayStation Vita, in late December in Japan. The Vita's launch in North America and Europe later this month. Game Informer talked to the president of Sony's Worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida about what the company learned from the Vita's Japanese launch and the mistakes they hope to correct this year.

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DA_SHREDDER2440d ago

The only reason Gears 3 sold so well is cause it's theoretically the game that started this gen. Gears 1 was a game 360 fanboys always threw in the face of PS owners. Funny thing about that game is was totally overrated, just like every game that sells well on the system. Not that other games don't sell well, but from my point of view, it just seems the lack of decent amount of quality games only gives 360 owners alot less choices, and they make the best judgement they can. Then on the other hand you have PS owners that get games like God of War, Twisted Metal, Motorstorm, Killzone, inFamous, LBP, ect ect.

Sony's portfolio is so huge and caters to so many different gamers that Sony spreads themselves out thin. All the money they could be spending on marketing on one game, they just make a new game. It's a brilliant idea, cause in the long run, it will be Playstation that has the most AAA exclusive content, and when gamers mature enough, they will grow up and see the grass really is greener on the other side.

Ghost2502440d ago

wrong its dumb idea from a business standpoint cause sony cannibalizes themselves by releasing too many exclusives instead of marketing them thats why they dont sell like exclusives on the 360 does.

jc485732440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

sony doesn't like to rely too much on marketing. they like their customers to spread the word. Marketing is a double edge system because it can immediately turn some people off. It's just safe to build interest even if it's a slow process. I tried Gears and Halo, nothing special really, then I learned my lesson not to listen to the ads again. I want more options to be honest and there's gotta be a few exclusives out there that catches my eye. Gears or Halo is simply not my kind of thing. Marketing really works, but it comes at a price.

Sony's way of doing business is geared more towards longevity, while Microsoft is almost the complete opposite. Now, just imagine if Sony followed the same strategy, how will it affect the market and the gaming community? It ain't going to be pretty I tell ya.

sikbeta2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )


"sony doesn't like to rely too much on marketing. they like their customers to spread the word"

Seems like it's not working :/

Marketing is what sells products, you think Apple took over the casuals by letting them "spread the word" hell no man, it's was their [email protected] ad campaigns and a made-up rivalry against Windows for marketing purposes (search Apple/Mac vs PC)

you have very few exceptions of successful word of mouth marketing, for example Demon Soul had a limited release in Asia, but people from the West started to import it because they really like it, I remember a tiny group in a forum really hyped for it and then it started to spread all over different forums and all that led to it's release in the West, but it only works once in a wild

IF Sony market well their games they'll see more sales, it's simple as that, last time they pushed a game hard, U3 was released a week before COD which is the biggest franchise this generation and that alone affect its sales, so next time they should consider when it's good for a game to be released as well

darthv722440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Something doesnt quite fit with your first part. Seems to me I recall sony heavily getting into the marketing game when the PS first came out. Seems only right because they were new but they did it in such a way that even sega and nintendo couldnt slow down the momentum their marketing division had built up.

I can understand that is generally how you build up a following but unless you remain committed to ensuring the following doesnt wander then it can go either way.

They were strong in both the ps1 and 2 gens with constant publicity in commercials and tv and especially movies. That is in part to sony pictures being under the same umbrella as their gaming division. Self advertising and for free no less.

Either they got hit with a serious set of rules this gen by the powers that be (owners of the company) or they got too fat and happy and said their name was all they needed to make it a 3peat. Their marketing is nothing like it once was. I think they genuinely know it but unsure of what to do next. MS has been pulling that marketing rug right from under them as they try to stand up.

They need to do more than rely on the word of mouth and get their head in the game.

@shredder. Saying something is overrated is subjective. It shows opinion instead of fact.

For example. We can all agree that a basketball is round. We can not all agree that a game is good to play. One is factual one is subjective.

jc485732440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )


I understand what you mean and the Demon's Souls was just a missed opportunity for Sony, but in the end, Demon's Souls is catered more towards the hardcore. I really don't think it will sell more than COD, but yea, a bit of marketing from Sony might have driven more sales.

I agree with you on U3 as well that they picked the wrong time to release the game, but I actually have a different take on it. We all know CoD games sell like hot cakes, so it makes sense to make sure your game is not being released anywhere near the release date of CoD, but is that a good thing? No, there are times you want to compete because you want the customers to know that they have options.

Sony wants to provide "options," so they're not making all this exclusives for no reason. Well, sometimes they do.

Silver_Faux2440d ago

So many new IP's Sony is looking at a long term plan. Just think about next gen, how many exclusives they will have.

trouble_bubble2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

LMAO! Yeah, and BestBuy cannibalizes itself by selling DVDs alongside BluRay, McDonalds cannibalizes itself by selling salads alongside Big Macs. Money is money.

What is it about the Borg-like collective of not having choice that's so appealing? About buying the same thing over and over again since 2001? Why is it so important that everyone on some peeps' friendslists buy these games day one? If you don't like Gears or Halo, are you out of the club, lol?

"- too many exclusives instead of marketing them thats why they dont sell like exclusives on the 360 does."

LOL! Nevermind that Deadly Premonition, Metro 2033, Alan Wake, Forza 4, Crackdown 2, Conker, Too Human, Infinite Undiscovery, NinetyNineNights, EarthDefenseForce, Perfect Dark Zero, Prey, Beautiful Katamari, Rumble Roses XX, Viva Pinata, Ace Combat 6 etc were all left on the vine to die. Keep chanting "360 exclusives sell more" while all those 360 exclusives continue to rot in bargain bins at the expense of Halo 4 monopolizing MS' entire budget.

TheCopyNinja2440d ago

"Sell like exclusives on the 360 does" What exclusives?

gaden_malak2439d ago

"Seems like it's not working"

Umm yes it is.

PS3 and 360 have around equal share in top 20/30 sold exclusives.

CarlitoBrigante2439d ago

How many exclusives does 360 have? Outside Gaylo and Tears of War they dont have any exclusives, thats why 360 owners only have to choose between 2 or 3 games

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h311rais3r2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Uh how is gears over rated? It's the only game of its kind. No game plays like gears. The ONLY unique ps exclusive is lbp. The rest are comparable to every other game in its genre. Gears started this gen and each game has been better than the last. Ps3 exclusives are good but I dot know a single person who replays them other than metal gear solid 4. Me and my friends on weekends get a case o beer and try to beat horde as fast as we can IN SPLIT SCREEN. Im sorry ur an ignorant fanboy And can't have fun with anything but ur playstation. U want overrated? Uncharted. A great game on playstation which I have beaten over 8 times is mgs4. As for ur theory with when gamers grow up? How many ps3 exclusives actually sell well? On the playstation? Uncharted for one just barely passed 1 million. Get off ur non existent high horse and just accept 360 exclusives are great just like ps3 exclusives. Fanboys r a plague.

BiggCMan2440d ago

No game plays like Gears of War? Wtf are you smoking? It's like any third person shooter out there, only with less color, and more blood and gore.

Ult iMate2440d ago

>>Fanboys r a plague.
And you are the perfect example of one, lol.

creatchee2440d ago

Gears was overrated? Really?

Oh, because YOU say so, it's true.

And I'm tired of the exclusive argument too. Sony has more, and yes they're of decent to high quality, but there are more multiplats every year than exclusives. In general, people buy and play them more. So honestly, exclusives only matter to people who own one console and fanboys (which are not the same thing).

If you can, buy both. I did, and I don't have to hate on either camp, not that I would anyway.

ZippyZapper2440d ago

Strange how you diss Gears when Uncharted is just a clone of Gears and Tomb Raider.

"and when gamers mature enough, they will grow up and see the grass really is greener on the other side." Pure desperation. Why don't you just go out on the street and beg people to buy a PS3?

Solid_Snake372440d ago

Oh thats why TR is doing so well nowadays isn't ?

trouble_bubble2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

"-when Uncharted is just a clone of Gears and Tomb Raider."

Omg. You can always tell when someone -just- started playing games in 2006.

Gears of War:
*post apocalyptic
*advanced weaponry
*alien underdweller mutant bads
*steroid marines talking to their ears
*no jump button
*can't climb/hang/swing
*no fistfight system
*reload QTE
*broken online in part 2
*in development at the -same time- as Uncharted.

Yeeeeeeeah. I can really see where the cloning took place. Katherine Marlowe really owes a lot to RAAM. I've often mistook Anya's floating head jack-bot in Gears 2 with Chloe in Uncharted 2 as well.

Meanwhile back on earth...

undisputed2440d ago

You didn't play Uncharted so how can you sit there and call it a Tomb Raider clone? What's the matter, did the truth hurt so much?

Jazz41082439d ago

When this gen is over and SONY goes bankrupt I realy hope the ps3 fans get out of gaming as most of them have been the most biased and uninformed people I have ever seen. You can own both consoles and enjoy both without trashing the other as they both have there good points. And by the way the only God in my life is Jesus's father and he doesn't have anything to do with sony.

CarlitoBrigante2439d ago

Lol Tears of War is a clone of Kill.Switch with a big FKin tank moving around, its highly overrated

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Psychonaughty2440d ago

"Funny thing about that game is was totally overrated, just like every game that sells well on the system" Seriously grow up fanboy.

RedDead2440d ago

I have a Wii, and Ps3, a decent Pc and a 360. I made it a point that I got Gears 3 over almost every other game last year. Bar, Skyrim(a mistake) and dark souls. That was it, Gears, Skyrim and Dark souls above everything else.

Why? Because it's a great game. Gears 1 was also a great game. Damn N4g's populace is so shi*

CarlitoBrigante2439d ago

Geow3 is overrated, Gears 1 was good but ever since then the series went down, shitty annoying characters and lame story.

Skyrim is overrated too, I put 100 hours into it, its good but not the best.

The best games of last year was LBP2, Yakuza 4, Portal 2, Uncharted 3 and Batman AC.

undisputed2440d ago

Well said skyblue and shredder. I especially agree with you skyblue. Now, exclusives don't matter. Now it's about sales.

SephirothX212439d ago

Gears 1 wasn't overrated imo. It was an original fresh experience with great multiplayer and it came out in 2006. A lot of games copied Gears 1. If you have a PS3, you shouldn't be bothered about how little exclusives the 360 has. TBH, there are so many great multi games that exclusives are not really needed. I still haven't played BioShock 2, AC Brotherhood, AC Revelations, Dark Souls, Batman AA, Batman AC, Dead Space 1, Dead Space 2, The Orange Box, The Witcher, Dragon Age 2, Borderlands and loads more. If new games didn't come out for the next three years, I still wouldn't be stuck for something to play. I've both PS3 and 360 and a high end pc but with just one of them, I would never be in want of more games because there are far too many great games that I've yet to play. I suppose it depends how much time you have on your hands. However, the PS3 does offer you more variety because it has more exclusives and that's why its my favourite console. Well free online also. Though I don't think there is reason enough for a financially constrained gamer who has one console, to buy the other.

DigitalRaptor2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

"If you have a PS3, you shouldn't be bothered about how little exclusives the 360 has".

If you were on here back in 2007, you would know why people are. Back then it was exclusives that mattered and 'PS3 had no games'. Exclusives have always mattered. Now, it's sales and financial success that drives most of the 360 fanboy's arguments and you see them defending having less choice as gamers. MANY of the best games last gen weren't hugely successful. Is Microsoft's worrying focus subliminally leaking down to their consumers? Kinda looks like it!

I actually can't believe most of the points that come from 360 fanboys these days. They somehow can discredit the plethora of PS3 exclusives as being irrelevant for not selling well (even though the number of fans per game is respectable and relevant, even if not completely successful) and then continue to praise M$ for their direction in providing less core exclusives and their growing focus on what appears to be crappy, casual, on-rails based Kinect games that they probably don't or won't even play. Unless they have no choice, which is certainly possible. They defend a successful multi billion dollar company who, despite gaining billions per year on XBL subscriptions, refuse to expand their studios to make more IPs and diverse exclusive games for their user base. They refuse to respect their consumers by giving them basic choice in the way of playing games that they already own. Relying on 3rd pary business only gets you so far, and once the competition also has this support, which you can see is already happening, you have to have a LOT to differentiate your brand. Third party buyouts don't cut it!

SephirothX212438d ago

I agree that its better to have more variety but clearly sales indicate how much people care about a particular game and there is no escaping that fact. Sony are not in this business to make people happy. There in it to make money and therefore their games need to sell. I own both console but people who only own a 360 who have no interest in getting a PS3 clearly do not see PS3 exclusives as a good enough reason to spend the money. I think the reason for that is because there is enough multiplatform games for them to play on 360 that they don't need a PS3. My point is that what console is better doesn't matter in your opinion or mine doesn't matter, sales indicate what console the majority prefer and I use the word "indicate". Though if you have one console and are happy with it, why should you care about how bad a console that you don't have is? It's childish going around saying that your property is better than other people's.

lelo2play2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Sony have great exclusives like God of War's, Uncharted's, Killzone's, Infamous, etc, but they also have a great amount of exclusives that are below average, which nobody gives a crap (beside fanatical fanboys).

In spite of all this, I'm of the opinion that the best games this generation are multiplatform games: Bioshock's, Mass Effect's, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, GTA's, Batman's, Portal's, Fallout's, Assassin's Creed's, Bayonetta, Dead Space's, Deus Ex, etc.

... and the games i'm expecting the most this year are mostly multilatform: Max Payne 3, GTA5, Bioshock, Mass Effect 3, Tomb Raider, Diablo 3, Metro, Borderlands 2, etc.

Multiplatform games are ruling this generation... witch is good for every console/PC owner.

Kos-Mos2439d ago

The only reason gears sold well is because it`s a mediocre game made for teens or adults with teen-brains.
The majority is never right.

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Armyless2440d ago

"Sony owns the Demon’s Souls IP. What are you going to do with it?"

"We never sell our IPs. Well, I should never say never, but it’s not our business. Our business is to grow our IP and we love Demon’s Souls. FromSoftware is a very important business partner, so we’ll see."

Hey now!!!

fluffydelusions2440d ago

Hm but didn't they sell Crash Bandicoot?

ShAkKa2440d ago

It wasn't their IP, it was ND's.

T-What2440d ago

Actually it was always owned by universal studios, so when Sony bought Naughty Dog from Universal, Universal kept the rites to Crash Bandicoot.

Silver_Faux2440d ago

Most interesting part of the article!

zeddy2440d ago

i never knew sony owned the demons souls ip. i thought dark souls was the prequel.

Fylus2439d ago

Yup Sony owns it. And Dark Souls is the Spiritual Successor. Not a... prequel? Or sequal. Whatever. Dark Souls has no relation to Demon's Souls besides combat, difficulty, and a few Easter eggs.

-Alpha2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

More Demon's Souls! Now that 360 fans got a taste of the Souls series, Sony would be smart to make Demon's Souls 2 for PS4 to have as a system seller.

It's by far one of the best new IPs this gen.

Not sure how I feel with an American heading Japan studios.

BiggCMan2440d ago

FUCK YES!!! And you never answered me on PSN the other day D:

Philaroni2440d ago

He might have been playing with his sister.

BiggCMan2440d ago

One could reeeeeally get the wrong idea from that :O

-Alpha2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Lol. My sister sucks at everything that isn't CoD, and now she has her own friends on PSN so she doesn't like split-screening. Otherwise I was playing Dark Souls multiplayer.

I'll check my inbox soon -_-

BTW, any of you getting Twisted Metal?

2v12440d ago


Moncole2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Isn't Dark Souls the sequeal to Demon Souls? Since its the Souls series. I think the next one will be called Dead Souls or somthing.

Off topic, anyone also seeing old articles poping up?

BiggCMan2440d ago

Dark Souls is not a sequel in the typical sense of the word. It has nothing to do with Demon's Souls story wise, although 1 character does make a second appearance, it still has no ties to Demon's Souls. So a proper sequel is still possible, with a continuing story of some kind.

SweatyFlorida2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Dark Souls is a spiritual successor, not a sequel. The game has nothing to do with DeS's story or have any of the characters or settings (mostly).

As for the "Dead Souls", don't believe every little rumor/speculation you hear. People have made plenty of "what the next souls game should be called" threads on countless websites. Some good ones were Dragon Souls, and my own creation: Sweaty Souls! xD

Armyless2440d ago

LOL I'm from Florida too, and I'll also vote for "Sweaty Souls" LMAO!!

GribbleGrunger2439d ago

the next Souls game is going to be a 360 exclusive and it's called: R Souls. you heard it here first

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BiggCMan2440d ago

HELL YES I'M GETTING TWISTED METAL!!! Reserved mine just yesterday actually, BIGGEST fan ever since it started nearly 20 years ago!!

creatchee2440d ago

Twisted Metal is boss! The demo made me fall in love with it all over again. Can't wait until Tuesday!

-Alpha2440d ago

I'll see you online then!

RememberThe3572440d ago

About the Santa Monica guy heading the Japan studio: You can't really blame Yoshida. Japanese console development is stuck and it can't seem to move forward. Western development on the other hand seems to be constantly improving and changing. Japanese development needs a kick start and if no one there is going to do they need to find someone who will. That sounds like exactly what Yoshida did; bring in the guy who started Sony's most productive studio. That sounds like a great idea to me.

sarshelyam2440d ago

One has nothing to do with the other...FROM Software created Demon's Souls, not SCEJ (they only own the IP and are its publisher in that region).

That said, what difference does it make WHO is running the studio. Frankly, American developers have a different way of running things that, arguably, has kept this industry afloat. If anything, this can rejuvenate an older way of developing games, a more traditional way that needed a little extra...something!

n4gisatroll2439d ago

Actually SCEJ and FS made Demons Souls jointly. That's why Sony owns the IP.

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mayberry2440d ago

This really has cleared things up concerning team ICO'S status! Makes me feel better that we will "eventually" see LAST GUARDIAN! <quoted> " Ueda-san has never left the team. It’s a change of his work status from being an employee to working as a contract. We discussed and made it more clear about his role and his creative input and how he works, but he hasn’t change his presences, he comes to the office. It’s being talked about as he left the game, but that never happened."

Philaroni2440d ago

You know, Demon Souls should have a PS Vita version made. From Software to my knowledge has never made a handheld game. A game like Demon Souls on the Vita would help not only push it in Japan, but the hardcore US and EU followers of the game would be very interested in playing it as well.

Oldman1002440d ago

Demon Souls on the Vita would be killer!

-Alpha2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

That would be money. I always feel that the handhelds are great for Japanese games and the Souls series has gotten some great exposure.

Knight_Cid2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

you all dont know anything about japan

Ports and enhanced remakes rarely if ever sell more, and they never move units unless the name is mario or ff or dq or pokemon

so while its ok in kindergarten, in the real world that would never happen

Philaroni2440d ago

I was not talking about Demon Souls it self of course, it would be a new game and a new experience. They could call it Shadow Souls or something. I'm sure they could make good use of the touch screen and even use the two cams for a boss fight that is in augmented reality. Or jerking the device to the left or right to roll quickly.

SweatyFlorida2440d ago

I'd prefer they work on a Demon Souls Sequel for PS4 rather than porting every good game that the PS3 has to Vita.

I suppose a Demon's souls port would be nice down the line, but would rather have From Software work on a sequel, and have some other dev worry about the port. I'd just hope the handheld would be sufficient to deal with some of DeS's problems/difficulty. I fell off enough ledges on the PS3 version lol

Philaroni2440d ago

Ya like I said above it would have to be a new game not a port. I did not word my first comment very well. Also Dark Souls needs to get PS Move support that would be sick.

Half-Mafia2440d ago

The Vita is meant to be very easy for developers to port there PS3 games onto the Vita.

I would really like if alot of PS3 games also just had a Vita version.

I hope the Jak & Daxter HD collection comes to the Vita.

sarshelyam2440d ago

FROM has done plenty of handheld games including many entries in their Armored Core franchise, a couple from their King's Field series, Tenchu and plenty of others

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