What is Blu-ray Profile 1.1? Your Question Is Answered

One of the big new features of yesterday's 2.10 update is the upgrade of PS3's Blu-ray capabilities.

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Jack T4735d ago

Q: What is Blu-ray Profile 1.1?

A: A waste of time.

Lucreto4735d ago

Q: What is Blu-ray Profile 1.1?

A: A step forward in the new format.


+ bubbles lucreto........

Tru_Blu4735d ago

A: The only thing from holding back the Blu release of the Matrix trilogy for one. Along with the other DUD fav's V for Vendetta, Batman begins and so one.

AA: So v1.1 is why Warner no longer feels the need to release DUDS, cause the interactive features that was the advantage are no longer there.

green4735d ago

So in order words all standalone blue-ray players are already obsolete.Blue-rays saving grace is the PS3.

deeznuts4735d ago

They can still play movies, they are not obsolete. That's like saying that Porsche you bought last year is obsolete, because this year they came with a cigarette lighter for both the passenger and the driver.

That's essentially what all these functions are, superfluous. Gimme the damn movie. I don't need to buy nothing while watching a movie, I don't need to schedule or control a screening across the net with other viewers (how weird and creepy is that, who the heck would want to do that?) no PiP nothing. Gimme the damn movie.

jackdoe4735d ago

That's the price you pay for being an early adopter.

Primetimebt4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

I'd take a 1080P player over a 1080i with PIP anyday. For the idiots that say you can't really tell the difference between 1080i and 1080p well go out and buy a real tv. Seriously people just want to watch crystal clear movies and I don't think PIP cross there mind unless they're bored and really like the hell out of movie.

killer_trap4735d ago

i only needed my movies to play in highdef with better sound and the ps3 has been doing that since day one. they can keep the picture in picture feature cause i'm not sure i'll be using it. besides with unreal, warhawk new content,burnout and GT5 prologue i won't have much time for movies for a good month or two.

Torch4735d ago

Does the new update support DTS-HD??? I know that a requirement of 1.1 is the inclusion of a secondary audio decoder, but I can't seem to find an accurate answer as to whether this finally includes the ability to play DTS HD and Master.

killer_trap4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )


ok.......i read all of them hoping to find as answer but i really couldn't get a definite one.but i think that the ps3 still doesn't support DTS-HD.

edit: sorry i was no help.......i'm not good with all this stuff. actually i think I'm having a headache.

Torch4735d ago

No worries bud...bubble for your exhaustive, migrane-inducing efforts!

RudeSole Devil4735d ago

What is profile 1.1? Thats easy to answer, its HD-DVD death certificate in writing.

jaja14344735d ago

I could really careless who wins this thing, but hasn't HD been declared dead some 100 times already? Perhaps people, such as yourself, should just wait till it's actually dead before speaking. Just a thought. :)

RudeSole Devil4735d ago

If you don't care than why are you here, go play you Xbox.

jaja14344735d ago

Oh so we are back on the "if don't care who wins/dislike BR you must a 360 person." If this is your common rebuttal to everything, as in silly unintelligent remarks, then I shall reframe from any further comments as I'm sure they will be lost up on someone such as yourself.


RudeSole Devil4735d ago

Don't go I love you 8==> see I'm very horny too.

xplosneer4735d ago

Shawn you have earned a spot on my ignore list.

RudeSole Devil4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )


any questions?


GodsHand4735d ago

Is that what the 1.1 is a bigger shlong?

Just kiddin, I could care less. I want movies that are HDdvd exclusive, to be on Bluray.

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