N'Gai Croal: Gears of War 3 Predicted For PS3

Interestingly enough, Michael Pachter brought up an interesting point when he stated that EA didn't drop $300M on BioWare and Pandemic only to let them keep working on Xbox 360 titles. No, Pachter claims that EA very likely intends on bringing Mass Effect onto the PlayStation 3, with either a sequel, the original, or both.

N'Gai Croal then points out Epic, who is very familiar with the PlayStation 3 architecture, and goes on to state "we pretty much know that Gears of War 3 is probably gonna' come out on PS3." Yes, GOW3, and not the sequel; Microsoft holds Epic to a two-game deal, so the first two will likely remain exclusive, but Gears of War is the intellectual property of Epic Games.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4733d ago

I think they made it clear that Gears of War is property of Microsoft.

Sure they could make a new game sorta Gears of War type for PS3. But it can't be called Gears of War.

TANOD4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

It is very logical that the 3rd would come to PS3.

since by 2009/10 ps3 would have a worldwide userbase almost 2x as x360.

so why not bring it on to PS3 and attract a bigger global audience

Anego Montoya FTMFW4733d ago

only the first 2 are exclusive.

after that.........

The Killer4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

no one can break the deal, and MS deal was for 2 sequels! the 3rd is up in the air, so there is a possibility to be a ps3 exclusive or 360 exclusive or multiplatforms. i say look forward for gears of war 2 where it MIGHT be the last 360 owners will get from the series.


i dont know y i got disagrees, i only stated a fact!!! do u disagree with facts?? MAAAN 360 fans coming from another planet sorry to say so but that wat i realized.

JsonHenry4733d ago

But we ALL know that Sony fanboys think that GoW is a big joke and so inferior to anything that came out on the PS3 that no PS3 owner would ever consider purchasing such a rot gut game as GoW.

cervantes994733d ago

I am a loyal PS3 owner and I am a loyal 360 owner and having the luxury of both systems I can most assuredly state that Gears AND Bioshock are some of the BEST games I have played in a long time!

I can also state that Uncharted, Heavenly Sword and UT3 are also FANTASTIC games.

My point is that BOTH systems have great games out and it is a shame that fanboys of one system are incapable of recognizing this.

REAL GAMERS don't flame and b!tch about things they don't have - they find ways to play ALL the best games and enjoy the experience.

I really feel sorry for those that are unable to have both systems, because this years games are INCREDIBLE!

masterg4733d ago


What is the matter with you?

I'm a Big PS3 fan, but I have both consoles.
Gears is one of my, if not my favorite game. I simply love it.
But I right now my PS3 is the only one plugged in. Too many games to play to go back to Gears at the moment.

I looking forward to Gears 2. But nothing would please me more than to see number 3 on the PS3. Then we might be able to play it without all the lag problems that was the only thing bad about the first one.

Mr Marbles4733d ago

If GOW continues to do well, MS will do anything it has to in an effort to keep the series 360 exclusive. They will have the option to buy up the 3rd game in the series long before Sony does, and trust me they will. Same goes for Mass Effect. MS can and will buy the entire IP if they have to, not just publishing rights, so just forget all this talk of these games going to PS3, the only way that happens is if Mass Effect II or GOWII flops, then MS will not waste their money. This was MS's plan from the start.

Mark Rein4733d ago

Gears of War will remain exclusive to the Xbox 360!

The_Engineer4733d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

what PS3 owners have said is that gears of war runs like crap and in some aspects was cutback in scope BECAUSE of the 360 hardware. Learn to tell the difference. I would love to see both this and MAss Effect run better on the PS3 than the slideshow the 360 is putting out right now.

suuuuuure henry we alll know you have played gears online countless times and seen an enemy turn the corner only to jump to an animation of your head popping like a balloon before you could do a thing, that's a slideshow. NOOB

JsonHenry4733d ago

Guys, I was making fun of the fanboys that post on here, not you.

I would be making fun of MS fanboys if all of a sudden Killzone or MGS4 Launched for the 360.

You know who I am talking about. Those guys that can't pull their heads out of their asses long enough to enjoy a good game.

JsonHenry4733d ago

@1.9 -

I don't know what you are talking about. Neither Gears of War (I didn't think the game was all that) or Mass Effect run at a "slideshow" as you say.

And there has yet to be a mutli-plat game that runs better on the PS3. Makes me wish I would have waited to buy one until the devs figure the architecture out.

marc 19754732d ago

they could call it tears of a hoar

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wantedboys4733d ago

firsy ps3 will win the war belive me

TANOD4733d ago

But unlike last 2 terms SONY has met with some turbulence in the 1st year.

However everything pales out against PS3 in 2008.

The biggest game of this generation FF13 would be released in 2008. That game alone will move 1m/2m ps3s in Japan ,NA and Europe each.

same goes to MGS 4 ,GT5 and perhaps WKS

FF13,WKS,GT5,KZ2,RESISTANCE 2, MOTORSTORM 2, MGS 4,LA NOIRE ,WARDEVIL, GETAWAY,8 DAYS ----that list is just too awesome to be countered

OC_MurphysLaw4733d ago

But he says alot of things. What he knows are sales trends and buying trends and that is what his area of expertise really falls into. He is privy to alot...but he also is not. From that interview I felt it was pretty clear that he has zero insight into the actual deals struck regarding the Bioware buy out and Mass Effect. I think he again is doing what he does and putting pure speculation out into the public around the game. Sure its an educated guess that EA would want Mass Effect on mutiple systems...but I would bet big money that MS has that locked up for at least 2 games. Mass Effect 3 might come the way of the PS3..but honestly if they couldnt put out 1 or 2...would it really makes sense for 3 to come out?

And as for N'Gai...he is the biggest Sony Fanboy in the press. So I have zero doubt he would start talkin about Gears of War on the PS3. Again...aint happening anytime soon.

TANOD4733d ago

He is not a fanboy .


Jack T4733d ago

N'Gai Croal is a well known Sony fanboy. He is spreading lies in the vain hope more people will buy a PS3 after hearing this. As for Epic, do you really think they would try to piss off the 360 userbase when Gears of War has sold over 4 million copies on the 360 while Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 has only sold 69,768 and did not break the top 40.

ravinash4732d ago

its only a few 360 fanboys that would get up set...most normal people just want to play games.

PStriple7034733d ago

the 360 has nothin in the following years....

The Chief of Mjolnir4733d ago

Shut up...

The 360 got some good games coming up, and the multiplatforms looks good too. Like Project Origin, Dark Sector, GTA IV, Turok and Left 4 Dead. I can take those games. I can still play them, on my 360. So you can just shut up.

Chubear4733d ago

Gosh, sounds like you're really scared or something XD

jctoyou4733d ago

JACK T i wont dispute your sale figures on unreal 111,i dont know,but they will be low at the moment its only been released in a limited supply to na,we in europe dont get it until the end of march!should you not start adding the sales up then?

power of Green 4733d ago

Another fucin crazy guess. lol I'm going to enjoy Laughing at MGS4's gameplay on my 360?.

Fresh4733d ago

It has been said many,many times already.

TANOD4733d ago

just like HEAVY RAIN --exclusive to ps3 because of power advantage.

By the time MGS 4 comes out i think x360 might not even remain in the markets of EU and JAPAN . It might/not remain in NA too

you know about PS3's stellar lineup in 2008 and beyond i gues>>...........

PS360WII4733d ago

tanod. Just to clairfy the developer has said that nothing in MGS4 cannot be done on the 360. So yes the 360 can handle MGS4.

But you are right that it's a PS3 exclusive. They have said that to many times to count now :)

to4074733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

I wonder how much this one TANOD guy is being paid by Sony, to warrant this level of extreme over the top fanboyism. It's pretty obvious he's an adherent Sony worshipper. Fanboyism is their creed.

Get a life!

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