EDGE review scores – March 2012

The latest EDGE scores include Uncharted: Golden Abyss, other Vita launch games, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and more.

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CaptainSheep4548d ago

Golden Abyss got a 7? Not bad but I was expecting more... oh well, still a day 1 buy for me! ^_^

PSVITAlitysensor4548d ago

I prefer Wipeout to Uncharted. Glad it got a better score; so I can look forward to it ;)

Solid_Snake374547d ago

I've always wondered if Edge scores games lower on purpose

bunfighterii4547d ago

I don't think they score lower, I think they just use the 1-10 scale more accurately than others.

nveenio4547d ago

Edge tends to scale down the big hype games, but I'm not sure it's them trying to get attention. I think they really believe what they're writing.

The Uncharted series is my favorite of all time, but I'm not at all interested in Golden Abyss. It feels too much like Uncharted 1, and I don't want the series to go backward...even on portable. Once I saw that you had to use the accelerometer to balance across tree trunk bridges, I knew that it was a step backward for the series. I'm not interested in a playing a game that is built to show off a device. I want to play a game that is built to show off awesome.

asbuwango4547d ago

I think EDGE score lower for attention... Because sometimes their score is just illogical

SuperM4547d ago

Edge scores are totally unrelaible. You could say they use the whole 1-10 scale but that doesnt explain why they often score mediocre games as high or higher then really good games.

Gaming1014547d ago

@ everyone ^
Of course Edge does it to get attention, and gamers are so predictable as soon as you give their favourite game a bad score, they click on a troll website like Edge and the website gets paid. Edge knows that its trolling will get it hits, why do you think N4G always has an article every month that gets hits and shoots its degree sky high? Does anyone really kid themselves into believing people on the internet are in business for anything other than making money? The people running Edge are successful because they know people who hate them will be clicking on their website and will love hating them every time they do it, all the while Edge rakes in cash. Look up Agency Theory if you're having a hard time understanding this concept.

gta28004547d ago

Give GTA V a 1 out of 10. Ima still look forward to it regardless of the score.

Spydiggity4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

YOu people are so predictable. Edge scores come out, you cry about them wanting attention. Even though this is an absurd reaction, if you believe it, stop clicking their articles.

I happen to love Kingdoms of Amalur and think it deserves better than a 6, but i'm not going to cry about someone else's opinion. and that's what reviews are...opinions.

assuming they're based in reality and experience. most of you are crying about uncharted's 7 and many of you haven't even played it yet.

rob60214547d ago

It's not big hype games they tend to score lower, it's PlayStation games. While they score more harshly than other sites/mags on all games, their distaste for PlayStation games is significantly worse. I think trying to figure out why Edge does what it does is something we can't really do. We can only prove the bias.


It actually kind of sickens me that people come on the Edge threads and try to defend the site from people that are trying to hold Edge accountable for past bias. I think people reading the scores should be more informed when reading game scores. Its not some made up Sony fanboy myth, Edge is certainly biased against PlayStation exclusive software.

MaxXAttaxX4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

Here are other reviews for comparison:
I see a lot of 9.0, 9.5 and 10s. 8.0 is the lowest.

EDGE is one of 3 or so sites that will give lower scores to highly hyped games, PS exclusives or otherwise(sometimes).

clrlite4547d ago

Wipeout is one of the most underrated games of all time.

da_2pacalypse4547d ago

only a 6 for KoaR? really? I mean, I know it was not as good as I expected it to be... but I think an 8 is a fair score.

badz1494547d ago

GA is a great game but I could already seen their trolling 7 from miles away just so they can stir hits to their site. Pathetic!

ginsunuva4547d ago

Yup, Edge uses the "5 is average" scale like movies. Not the childish school grading system other reviwers adopted.

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Cloudberry4548d ago

MGS3D & WipeOut 2048 accomplished that, but lucky number 7 is not bad.

The same score they gave with Yakuza 4 and I really love that game and series.

Knushwood Butt4547d ago

@ inveni0

Golden Abyss feels MUCH fresher than Uncharted 3 ever did.

As for the game itself, I've beaten it 3 times and got the Platinum, so have more than enough time with the game myself to give my opinion on it. I had a blast with it. Enjoyed it more than Uncharted 3. In fact, it does some things much better than U3: Better script, better characters, better voice acting, better treasure / collectible system, that also adds a lot of back story with it.

My only minor gripes (and these only sprang to mind during my first run - I forgot about them for later runs) are that the number of locations the story evolves in are quite few, so you spend a lot of time in only a few locations, and that some of the music is recycled from the earlier games.

Bottom line is that if you are getting a Vita then Golden Abyss is a must buy.

I'll happily go through it a 4th time at some point (need to play Gravity Daze now though).

SamPao4547d ago

Sounds like its more like the first Uncharted, and to be honest, I love the first Uncharted to this day!! I love numero 2 and 3 but Uncharted 1 also has a very special place in my heart!
Cant wait for Golden abyss!!

brodychet4547d ago

Didn't Edge give Assassin's Creed a 3? In all honestly, 3s are not given to games like Assassin's Creed. I feel 1s 2s and 3s are reserved for barely playable titles. Some that are horrendous in a very obvious way.

Edge just isn't a reviewer I rely on.

plmkoh4547d ago

At the same time they scored Halo ODST a 9, which has been unanimously agreed to by fans and non-fans alike to be one of the worst in the series and was completely unnecessary.In comparison as you said how on earth did Assassins Creed get a 3.


EVILDEAD3604547d ago

'At the same time they scored Halo ODST a 9, which has been unanimously agreed to by fans and non-fans alike to be one of the worst in the series and was completely unnecessary'

Complete lie..one of the best campaigns in the series period.

LOL @ playing make believe about what ACTUAL HALO fans 'unanimously' thought about ODST. Jus t stick to games that you ACTUALLY play before your nose grows anymore.


Mr-Zex4547d ago

I was honestly expecting Golden Abyss to get atleast an 8 or 9 after playing it, but I suppose critics will be critics.

Gamer19824547d ago

final fantasy scores a joke. Most sites been low balling whats probably been the best FF game for a long time. As a LONG time FF fan I absolutely love the latest instalment and it just shows how much gamings changed that reviewers dislike it for being what it is. The stuff that makes it great would have got it 10/10 5-6 years ago and i'm not talking graphics here. Unless its a shooter or stupidly hard nobody gives it a good score these days and its terrible.

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MegaSackman4547d ago

Neverdead 7, nothing to do here.

Acquiescence4547d ago

All I can hear in my head right now is Dr. Evil saying "riiiiiiiiiiiiight."

smashcrashbash4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

Yeah, I don't know why people jump to defend Edge with idiotic scores like this. How in heavens name can Neverdead which just about everyone thinks is a pile of crap be the same as UC:GA a game that has at least gotten an 8 and over from everyone else so far.

Do you know why? Because only idiots take Edge's scores seriously. I never depend on Edge to review anything. I will listen to IGN before I listen to them.And before anyone jumps to try and defend them by saying they have given PS3 games good scores before that is not the point. Their scoring is garbage.

It is amazing how handing out low scores these days are considered the 'truth'. Because CNET gave the VITA a 3/5 people leap to defend it. But almost never see the same people leaping to defend the higher scores that it has gotten. They sit in a corner waiting for the next bad score to mouth off or sit there trying to explain why the good scores don't count.

If you look at all the reviews that the VITA has gotten on N4G so far you see much less people on the articles with the high scores. But as soon as it got a lower score suddenly it is filled with naysayer, trolls and people shouting 'I told you so'. People just love chaos especially here.

Don't care if anyone disagrees. Edge's scores make no sense most of the time and are all over the place. How in the hell is Never Dead better then Amalur or the same as UC:GA? how does that make sense to anyone?

Moncole4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

They got the same score because two diffrent people reviewed each game and decided to give them a 7 from what they think of it. Do you actually think one person reviews each game for Edge?