Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay With 2 Pro Japanese Players (Video)

Capcom has released new gameplay video of Street Fighter X Tekken with 2 Japanese professional gamers.

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videoxgamexfanboy3459d ago

umm who called these guys "pro players"? the bob player was ok but only seem to have one combo and the ken/ryu player just spammed throws. if this is an example of pro japan players then lord help them once us good ole us of a boys get this game! maybe since i couldnt understand what they were saying explains it but still...

Simon_Brezhnev3459d ago

This is what happens when you dont have air block. Just spam and turtle away.

firefly693459d ago

I was thinking the same!Maybe i shoud turn pro,because this guys dont seem so pro to me!

jthamind3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

the two players are Daigo Umehara and Tokido. Daigo is known as the single greatest Street Fighter player ever, and Tokido is hands down a top 3 SF player in the world today. and they're playing a game that isn't even released yet.

you guys clearly have no idea what you're talking about, so please stop posting.

Majin-vegeta3459d ago

I think most people know who Daigo is especially after this.

videoxgamexfanboy3459d ago

I know who daigo is and he got his ass handed to him with a PERFECT in sf4 last year so now u stop posting

jthamind3459d ago

my god, your idiocy knows no bounds. every player in the history of every fighting game ever made has been perfected many, many, many times. you think you're proving a point? kid, you know NOTHING about fighting games. move on. this just isn't for you.

specialguest3459d ago

Obviously you're not a SF player since you have no idea who Daigo is. There's nothing more to say here lol.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3459d ago

You must not know bout Daigo...

AznGaara3459d ago

Well then save up for EVO2012 and show the world just how "pro" you are. Just remember to thank Daigo/Tokido for eliminating you from it at the end of the day :p

pain777pas3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Those are 2 of the best players in the world in SF period. Not only that Daigo the one that used Ken and Ryu was involved in my honest opinion the greatest professional gaming moment. If you play fighters look up the beast is unleashed evo on you tube. Absolutely amazing.

Ddouble3458d ago

Japan has won all the EVO tournaments for Street Fighter III and IV and Daigo won it twice for Street Fighter IV.

This is only the second time Daigo's played the game so don't expect to see any flashy stuff.

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jetlian3459d ago

man i'm getting sick of daigo. l think he gets say in how the games made.

Briyen3459d ago

even pros need to learn a game, give'em time to become beast! it'll take at least a week :P

Mr-Zex3458d ago

The guy fighting as Ryu and Ken really didn't do that good of a job, he wasn't as defensive and needed and tried to take too many cheap shots, he still won some how but that wasn't that great of a fight :/

Dowie3458d ago

I know it was Daigo VS Tokido but it was still a poor performance from that Ryu/Ken

At one point he just spammed throw over and over and then timed out the round. If he did that shit to anyone else they'd instantly call him cheap.....He also spammed the throw in the final round -_-

I'm amazed Ryu/Ken won in the end, it was a terrible performance and the other player was prettty good. I know the game is new but these guys are meant to be pro's afterall.

Meh...maybe I just hate watching the better player lose =/

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