The State Of Gaming: Last Gen Piracy is Alive and Well

Destructoid writes: "Please allow me to interrupt a slow news day with tales of piracy from the True Caribbean, as locals call it. I was recently in Scarborough, Tobago with some friends and noticed this haunting sign plastered on a sign post".

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UnblessedSoul4732d ago

Lol he certainly told them where to stick themselves

gamesR4fun4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

so they market pirated games surprising their behind in the games tho really new games are usually pirated b4 they hit retail nowdays...
And how is it news their selling the stuff in some 3rd world country when people are selling them all over??? Canada and the US for sure there not hard to find on the net or try your local paper folks who will mod ya and supply you with all the latest games for cheaper than retail...
Not to mention the countless hoards who dl anything they want off the net daily...

edit The real question to me is does piracy really matter? For example Sony must be pretty happy about the ps3 not being cracked but are their profits any larger than M$ whos system has been cracked? Proportionally Id guess the 360 is still doing better inspite of the hundreds of thousands of games that peeps are playing for free....

TheMART4731d ago

To a certain level piracy helps the number of consoles out there especially when it needs to build the installed fanbase. As long as the attach rate per 360 unit is on the current 6.6 and doesn't drop to for example the PS3's attach rate of 3.6 games per unit there isn't such a big problem I guess.

I think the PS3 wasn't that interesting for hackers to crack yet because of the lower installed base out there. In 2008 they'll hack it pretty sure about that.

synetic4731d ago

TheMART even in this you show how much xbot you are dude we all know that xbox 360 is better even in piracy beats ps3 now go get a girlfriend dude ...

and i can guarantee that ps3 have by far more ppl try to hack than the xbox 360 ,wii together 2 times that because ps3 immensive power whould be very usefull in the hands of hackers maybe you should read some hacker forum then you would shut up

Jack T4731d ago

Given just how many games Sony can't be arsed releasing in Europe and how they like shutting down importers. Piracy is sometimes the only way to get certain games. As far As I am concerned If they don't release it then I can't buy it. So they can't complain if I download it as they are not losing profit.

makatak4731d ago

I am actually from Trinindad and Tobago and yes, pirating is alive for last gen systems, especially for the ps2. When I lived in Houston I got all my games and modded my ps2 there. so its really a non issue. All countries have that 'problem' As for the 3rd world reference.....70% of all the natural gas the US imports for heating and power generation comes from my country.