Worldwide Chart for Week Ending 15th December 2007

VGChartz Reports for the Week ending Dec 15, 2007, Worldwide Sales were:

DS: 1,392,797
Wii: 523,568
360: 502,902
PS2: 491,520
PSP: 466,682
PS3: 450,055

Interesting to note some PS3 Multiplatform are out selling it's 360 counterparts in global sales, such as Fifa 08 (792,542 Total sales on PS3 vs. 711,592 Total sales on 360) , Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (666,809 Total Sales on PS3 vs. 578,373 on 360), etc. However the big games such Call of Duty 4, Assassins Creed have bigger sales on the 360 globally.

Interesting to see Uncharted was ranked #12 overall Globally selling almost 100 K, yet it wasn't the highest PS3 games, that honor goes to Need for Speed: ProStreet (PS3), which outsold all other PS3 games and 360 games for that week.


My Bad, this isn't global sales, This does not include Japanese numbers... So take it as US/Europe Numbers.

As well VGChartz updated some of it sale numbers of games...Uncharted went from #12 when first viewed it, then others stated it was at #17, now it is sitting @ 23, selling 126K (more than when first reported).

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power of Green 4733d ago

Football selling more on a platform more favored in this region I'm shocked , not.

Cyrus3654733d ago

How so?

360 still has more install base in Europe, than PS3. This is global sales, and last time I checked 360 has 2x more the install base than PS3.

Then explain Need for Speed series, globally 360 is about 10 K in more sales at this point than PS3, basically the same.

I think what it shows, or atleast in my opinion 360 has a big hardcore owner base, in which they tend to enjoy games like FPS, it's no coincidence that 360 has nearly 2 million Call of Duty 4 sold, it's a game that appeals more to 360 audience. I could be wrong though...

BLaZiN PRopHeT4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )


what the other sports game that sold way more on the 360 than the ps3 also dont forget AC which isnt a shooter that sold way more on the 360. 2 games which arent big in the us selling more on the ps3 doesnt show a trend


Why are you spreading bullsh1t. the 360 is 250(20GB) and the ps3 is 300(40GB)

and please link where MCV said that.

TANOD4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

that chart is STILL INCOMPLETE

The NUMBERS for PS3/X360 and Wii for JAPAN havent been posted yet

delete your story


no market likes x360 except USA. Vgcharts UK sales data is also inconsistent since MCV UK is reporting that PS3 is after Wii in terms of sales.

x360 sells only in USA but for how long.

BTW in UK x360 costs 199 pound, arcade cost 170 pound vs 299 pound for the 40gig PS3.

so the ps3 is almost 2x as expensive as the x360 in UK

However things would change drastically in 2008

you know that too

as for your shameless claim LO flopped big time in Japan. same goes to Eternal Sonata and Blue Dragon.

FF13 on PS3 will sell more than the x360s combined lifetime base in EU and JAPAN (that could be like 5/6m )

since from 2008 the console war decider will be between ps3 and wii


x360 costs as low as 189 pound in UK

the premium x360 costs 239 pounds


both these BLAZIN PROPHET and CYRUS are from GAMETRAILERS forum. both of these are huge XBOTS who destroyed that forum

@CYRUS ....PS3 is now just within 1m to catch x360 in terms of total sales in EU . It has crossed x360 in all of EU except UK

Hopefully that stream will be crossed next year

power of Green 4733d ago

True but the markets in Europe that favor 360 Mostly english speaking countries play them all.

The countries supporting PS3 are obviuosly buying the game and the console for games like this.

As for Pro Street maybe its not as appealing to 360 owners due to the 360 having more racers to choose from.

Think of it this way, despite the 360 fanbase being bigger JRPG's will always do well on Playstation platforms. Watch DMC4(not an RPG) for PS3 sell almost on par with DMC4 for 360.

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TANOD4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

PS3 and X360 JAPAN numbers have not been posted

where are the Japan numbers

People report this story as LAME


calm down Bloodmask/roundpeg/pog/elitega mer

BloodySinner4733d ago

Settle down, nasim/shmee.

The Chief of Mjolnir4733d ago

I agree with BloodySinner. Calm down.

ReBurn4732d ago

There isn't enough software selling in Japan to make that big of a difference, anyway. Unless you want to see the Wii's numbers go higher.

lawman11084732d ago

Scat and vomit video loveing, Hello kitty playing, Pearl Harbor attacking weirdo's.

Maddens Raiders4732d ago

Your comment has been reported.

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BLaZiN PRopHeT4733d ago

uncharted didnt rank 12 it ranked 17

Guwapo774733d ago

I know its not next gen and all...but glad to see them give that system some respect being it is still selling like crazy.

TANOD4733d ago


The JAPAN numbers for PS3 and X360 havent been posted yet

The Chief of Mjolnir4733d ago

Please. You´re like: "OMG OMG, this one does not include the Japan sales."

Calm the F down.