PS3 Fanboy Best of 2007: Best Shooter

Who doesn't like shooting things? PS3 had more than its fair share of bullets and explosions. Which games made you more of a man this year?

And the nominees for PS3 Fanboy - Best Shooter of 2007 are:

Call of Duty 4
The Orange Box
Unreal Tournament III

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Relcom4733d ago

I love UT3 but its newer and yet i still play COD 4. Although i own at UT3 i'm the 73 ranked player in the world. *pats self on back*

roybatty4733d ago

I love Cod4, but the maps are not as varies and UT3 has mouse and keys and tons of crazy game modes and's just way better.
I'm having a blast.

Fresh4733d ago

both COD4 and UTIII,I can't pick just one:)

Gamingshouldbefun4733d ago

why is orange box is even there? :/ even thought uncharted is 3rd person shooter it deserves the place in the poll not halfassed crap box.