Blu-ray, HD DVD to hit critical mass in 2008

The battle between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD formats should be decided in Britain next year after Christmas shoppers revealed their planned purchases for 2008.

54 per cent of shoppers said they'd definitely switch to one of the two formats in the next 12 months, with 39 per cent saying they'd make the change even sooner - within the next six. The shoppers were surveyed by the Digital Entertainment Group Europe (DEGE), which promotes standard and high definition movie formats in the UK.

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predator4733d ago

i just have with my ps3 and soon to have hd dvd player for crimbo.

HarryEtTubMan4733d ago

HAHA do u retards not think Blu Ray is gonna win Soon. They are. And SONY PS3 sales are gonna skyrocket.... but I ugess thats gonna happen anyways hahahahaha


im glad i bought my ps3 today

Kain814733d ago

There are too many freaken hot Movies.
Next week start AVP2 in Cinemas, and soon as exclusiv on Bluray.

TANOD4733d ago

BLU is the future

we know and we agree to it

Texas GMR4733d ago

format player (at a reasonable price) that plays both and let the consumer decide which movie he wants.

TANOD4733d ago

why would u release something on a 30gig disc when you know that Transformer didnt have HD audio files due to lack of space??

why would you choose other format when BD has huge space advantage?

consumers have already decided which side to lean to. As i have said the verdict is just being delayed. The war is already decided

jaja14344733d ago

And here I thought there was a 51 gig somewhere about. *shrug*

joemomma4733d ago

HD DVD is still terrible and once critical mass hits blu ray will be outselling hd dvd 10:1

Wonderbhoy4733d ago

Because of "lack of space"?

Come on! Compare a movie on both formats and you will see they are equally amazing. I keep hearing about Transformers not having HD sound... boring. The sound on Transformers is better than any movie I've watched on either format.

Yesterday I bought Casino Royale on BR and it was stunning, picture, sound, everything.. just the same as Transformers was on HD-DVD.

Yes BluRay will win, but consumers are being shafted with high prices on the players, and even more shafted by having to pick a format based on what movies are released on which!

The consumers are the ones losing in this "war" and being a devoted fanboy of either is being a blind fool.

eagle214733d ago

Blu-ray will win for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.