Happy 20th Anniversary Final Fantasy

On 18th December 1987, a fledgling company made a last ditch attempt at success, and released the aptly named Final Fantasy on the Nintendo Entertainment System, to an unsuspecting public.

20 years later, Final Fantasy, the brainchild of the now legendary Hironobu Sakaguchi, is one of the most successful videogames franchises in the world, and today is its 20th anniversary!

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ItsDubC4734d ago

Ah yes, gaming was so different back then. Ppl played games, not consoles. Most innovation was in the gameplay department. Ppl went to eachother's house to play games together. Getting a game to work by blowing into the cartridge brought on an intense feeling of satisfaction.

Who would've thought that "Final" Fantasy was just the beginning?

PS360WII4734d ago

ha yea developers had to look at this d-pad and two buttons and say... so how can we make this fun to use?

Well done on 20 years of awesome cool games.