Gameplay of MGS4 to be shown at TGS!

It's been confirmed that while the trailers so far were realtime demo sequences, the MGS4 trailer for TGS 2006 is a compilation of gameplay.
Also, from 5:55 to 7:04 in the same mp3, Yumi Kikuchi, one of the voice actors of MGS series and the radio hostess of "Hidechan Radio", watches the trailer and you can hear the sound (and her "oh" and "ah"). You hear roars of metal gears and gunshots. Though some cameras are modified for the trailer, Kojima says what she saw was real gameplay controlled by a player. According to Kikuchi and Kojima the movement of Snake in the new trailer is very inconspicuous and subdued (He's hiding in somewhere?).

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BIadestarX5850d ago

for best or for worst this is going to be interesting... I wan't to see what more than 22 GB of data look like.

gamerriffic5850d ago

mgs4, can't wait to see it.

Marriot VP5850d ago

So it's gonna be rainbow six with a grean haze?

Sevir045850d ago

but it's just a style that Kojima has always used in his games, he's notorious for that and it really distinguishes his games from the normal with great visual appeal, thats kinda the same approach Insomniac is doing with R:FOM, giving each area a different hue, Sepia to some blues or slate or what ever it works and really captures some real deapth, which is why i say if a video game is to carry on a gritty hecktic appeal it's visuals must acompany it. which is why i'm glad R:FOM isn't some Glossy plastic looking game, and like MGS4 which looks so real. it's all about making tour game stand out and thats what's key to developers this gen.

JIN KAZAMA 1875850d ago

bring it on Kojima. I am looking forward to this game big time. The green haze, as I said before, is for th aesthetic sense. I think that looks awesome, and it might not be like that the whole game, I am looking forward to seeing some of this stuff in action.

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The story is too old to be commented.