Rock Band mea culpa game offer better than expected

Via Joystiq:

"Earlier this month we reported that the Rock Band team would be shipping EA-published games to Rock Band purchasers who were awaiting replacements for their defective guitars. The Rock Band warranty website now lists the titles available through this offer, and color us impressed once more with the attention to customer service.

Rather than simply offering a limited selection of budget titles, EA is prepared to ship out one of 14 relatively recent releases, free of charge, to customers suffering from faulty Rock Band equipment. The impressive list includes titles like Skate, Medal of Honor Airborne, and even Rock Band (albeit sans peripherals, making for a slightly odd addition to the list)."

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Adamalicious4734d ago

It's not clear from the article, but someone clears it up in the comments - you don't get a free game just because you had to get your hardware replaced. Only if it was delayed, and they send you an email about it.

Cat4734d ago

yeah, it was a bit misleading. I got really optimistic; gimme my free game!!