Nintendo debunks Wii third-party discontent

Nintendo of America President and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime on Fri. debunked reports that third-party publishers are discontent with the performance of their titles on the Wii home video game system.

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OC_MurphysLaw4732d ago

Would you expect him to say anything else? How about we get some interviews with the 3rd parties themselves and ask them point blank how they feel about their software sales on the Wii.

PS360WII4732d ago

Well besides Capcom and Ubisoft they only have themselves to blame

jackdoe4732d ago

Games like Nights and No More Heroes have bombed, so I can see some sources of discontent. But if the developer of Cruisin USA complains about sales, they need to be slapped.

TruthbeTold4732d ago

NiGHTS has only just been released. No, it isn't selling well, but likely because it's pretty much the same old game, and people aren't interested. The original NiGHTS was a breath of fresh air. This one, while a good game, is just a sequel with the Wii-mote.

As for No More Heroes... I don't blame Japan at all for rejecting a hardcore game that's been watered down to the point of no blood. Here in America, it will probably do decent. Had the same game been released in Japan, the same would probably be true.

3rd party developers have to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

ItsDubC4732d ago

I would think that because 3rd-parties don't have to sell as many copies of Wii games in order to turn a profit, their games don't have to sell as much on the Wii in order for them to be content.

Douchebaggery4732d ago

They seem pretty content releasing garbage and making a quick buck on the console.

v1c1ous4732d ago

you want to make money?

release on 360/ps3.

well ok not so much ps3, but its getting there.

LanRanger4732d ago

The PS3 currently has an attach rate of 4, the Wii 3.44. Extrapolate that to consoles sold and Wii games are outselling PS3 games by slightly over 2-to-1. That also includes first party sales, but at least according to VGChartz the Wii still has more million+ 3rd party sellers as well.

Silvia0074732d ago

Wii is gay? Who would have known??

Sorry, I still think the Wii is retarted.

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