Gizmodo Update: PS3 XviD Playback Works, But Not Over the Network

Gizmodo - Jason Chen, Dec 18, 2007:

"Huzzah! I've discovered why XviD files didn't work in the PlayStation DivX Playback test. Apparently, streaming over Windows Media Player 11 does not work for any XviD files and most DivX files, but it does work fine if you load the files onto an external USB drive or burn it to a DVD. But there's a workaround, kind of."

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beoulve4734d ago

yup i confirmed it worked yesterday. It just doesn't work with streaming.
This is cool, who want streaming anyway. I just store everything in my USB drive.

XxZxX4734d ago

Yeah I rather stored them in USB hard disk. Less network congestion.

JustCallMeDaddy4734d ago

is way easier to just download the videos then turn on your console and be able to watch it without having to disconnect or connect anything to the console.

thats why i love my 360, i just download and watch. Easy.

Mikey_Gee4734d ago

how can you just blow off streaming like it is second rate.

Streaming is the way to go. My PC has a 1 TB drive in it and ALL my Vids, pics, Music site on my PC's drive and is shared.

ALL STREAMS with zero lag.

How could you for a second be more willing to follow the "Hand-drolic" method. I have done it with thumbdrives and even my USB 160GB drive ... but with streaming, life is Soooo much easier.

InMyOpinion4734d ago

So it's got some kind of broken xvid support. Nice!

Rockstar4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

The problem lies within Media Player 11 itself.

I'm viewing my Xvid and DivX with absolutely no problems through Nero Media Home (With transcoding turned off). Not to mention WMV's and avi's as well.

EDIT: Lol at the disagree, I guess I'm a liar!
I'm so crafty.

WilliamRLBaker4734d ago

And I'm watching xvid files over network on my 360....hmmm on it snot WM11 its crappy Xvid support in the ps3.

macalatus4734d ago


So just because you can't stream divx files from the computer through WMP11 makes the divx support in the PS3 CRAPPY, even though you can still do it using tvserity? Granted, the PS3 and WMP11 may not work as perfect pairs (hey, the 360 is an MS product, so no surprise there) but for you to simply say "CRAPPY" only proves that you just spit out "logical diarrhea".

Rockstar4733d ago

Gee, Go figure WMP11 works with the 360, weird.

Oh that's right, both made by MS...if they didn't work with each other MS's strategy of connectivity would be out the window.

Apples to oranges.

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PirateThom4734d ago

I was hoping it would work directly from the drive rather than streaming.

Streaming is fine for music, but with movies I can never get anything to work.

pswi604734d ago

talk about FUD. xvid/divx works fine from ps3, or via streaming (tversity). dont let the propaganda fool you

SmokeyMcBear4734d ago

its why i have a 500 gb external HD.. I don't understand for the life of me, why anyone would want to turn on their computer, to watch a video from their games console.. it just baffles my mind, I can understand that its nice if its available, but why would you want to turn your computer on and have that running as well?

PirateThom4734d ago

Oh I know, I use TVersity and used to watch avi files using the transcoder built into it, but I have an entirely wireless network, so it wasn't always the best solution

I have an external USB hard drive, which is much easier.

Marceles4734d ago

I guess basically for people who want to use it as a media hub..the same argument can be made for people who actually use the internet browser and put linux on it and hook up printers and have a PC but why would anyone use that when they have a PC? I guess it's for the reason you said, cause it's available. I mostly use the movies for remote play with my PSP so I can watch while I'm at work.

Polluted4734d ago

@3.1: Exactly. People have been streaming DivX/XviD files for months now using Tversity. Windows Media Player sucks anyway, so who cares if you can stream XviD files with it? The best part of this update is being able to copy DivX/XviD files to the PS3 hard drive. When I first read XviD didn't work I was kind of bummed, but the only thing that's broken is streaming through WMP. Big deal. I say screw Windows. Run Linux or if you really want to get creative, try getting Leopard on a PC.

JustCallMeDaddy4734d ago

apparently you only turn your computer on to use it and turn it off when your done. Well, people like me always have it on, so is much easier to just leave the hard drive there, it saves you the travel of having to carry the hard drive around and taking the risk of dropping it or somthing like that.

Mikey_Gee4734d ago

... around December 15th ...

of 2006 that is.

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Marceles4734d ago

No wonder it didnt work for him...i dont stream using WMP, I use TVersity. But this rumor is debunked, Xvid playback works.

jlytle12344734d ago

good god thank you. tversity. its easy. its simple. its better than any microsoft program.

pswi604734d ago

i just re-read the title, and again the author/tipster/contributor gets it wrong. streaming doesn't work with wmp11, but there is nero ultra and tversity that works just fine.

3 cheers for idiots here....