IGN reviews MX vs. ATV Untamed on DS/PS3/X360

Rainbow Studios has long been the king of offroad racing games. It nailed its entry into the genre with 1998's Motocross Madness for the PC and has been improving upon its formula ever since. With tight controls, great level design and an adherence to the sport it simulates that most other developers can't quite get, Rainbow's "franchise" has been king of the hill for years now.

Its seventh offroad game is upon us in the form of MX vs. ATV Untamed. The game takes most of the elements from Rainbow's previous games and continues to refine their design. Nearly a decade after its initial offering though, the studio seems to be running out of ideas on how to further the experience. Considering the options that have been in its games for years, that's not too surprising. There are new modes and event types, sure, but the core gameplay hasn't changed in a while, so while it's still strong, what you'll find here will feel very familiar.

Overall scores: DS - 7/10, PS3 - 7.4/10, X360 - 7.4/10

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LJWooly4736d ago

How the hell did the DS version only get 0.4 lower than the 360/PS3 versions? The DS is like the worst console ever.

jinn4735d ago

grand turismo blows this junk away