PlayStation Vita: The Time is Near

Tanya Valdez writes: I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am for the PlayStation Vita's launch. I am so excited, that I have been counting down the days. Sony is about ready to drop some serious power into our hands and bring a home experience on a handheld device.

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supremacy3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

The time is indeed "near". Now how about some aggressive ads Sony, something viral.

SamPao3508d ago

aaaah cant wait! less than 2 weeks left! I cant believe it!!
the worlds about to change!! :)

supremacy3508d ago

Yup. My only wish would be for Sony to make cross play a mandatory thing like trophies.

So that every port and new cross releases make the vita a better device.

So far the list of compatible psp games is decent, with 250 titles supported at launch. Things look promising.

teedogg803508d ago

5 more days to go for me. I've never been so excited. I played with one at Gamestop the other day. They nearly had to call the cops to get me outta there lol. j/k

FriedGoat3507d ago

Put some damn clothes on the next time you go to a game store then.

teedogg803507d ago

LOL! I'll keep that in mind.