PC gaming is dead

PC gaming is dead. That's the feeling amongst hardcore gamers at the moment. It's easy to see why when you look at the latest sales figures for high profile PC titles. Few PC games released this year can match the level of hype and anticipation generation by Crytek's Crysis and Epic's Unreal Tournament 3, but when they sell less than a tenth of the units achieved by high profile console titles, such as Call of Duty 4 and Assassin's Creed, even the biggest PC gaming defenders must be worried.

Even traditionally PC-only genres such as the RTS have made it to consoles, albeit with reduced functionality. It's a worrying sign though, when developers are looking towards new platforms to sell PC games. If the hardcore PC gaming contingent want their beloved games to remain tailored exclusively for their platform they need to get their wallet out and buy some games. The adventure genre died, first-person shooters have upped and moved to consoles, RTS is migrating and the MMO is looking to experiment on consoles. How long before the PC becomes nothing more than a web-browsing word processor?

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ruibing4734d ago

From my personal experience, piracy is a really big issue for PC game developers. I've really never bought any games until I purchased my own console, so I can see how they would be losing a lot of income that way. I've discovered that when you don't buy a game, you don't appreciate it as much and are less likely to become a devoted fan. Another issue is platforms (Windows, OSX, Linux), backwards compatibility (Vista), and driver issues (OS and versions).

Grassroots4734d ago

I agree, I have many friends that still play PC games but they do the dishonest way and pirate it something I personal discourage. If there wasn't that issue the situation might be better.

JsonHenry4734d ago

They have been saying this SAME line of bullcrap since the NES launched. Come back next year when people have the hardware to play Crysis, StarCraft 2 is launched, and Blizzard's newest MMO is announced.

There is a reason Consoles are becoming more like PCs and not the other way around. Because we all know gaming is far superior on a PC than on a console.

JsonHenry4734d ago

I would also like to add this out there for you to ponder -

Go check the amount of servers playing Counter Strike, Counter Strike: Source, and then go check Gamespy Arcade and tell me that PC gaming is dead. There are MORE people online playing PC games at any given moment than there are consoles sold in the last 2 years.

socsca4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

To me its all just a matter of money, for most people its way too expensive to keep up with the latest hardware so you can play games the way they are meant to. Honestly, how many are there that are able to play Crysis with everything on MAX, 2-3? And if you actually have that computer you are either A) Stinkin rich and you wipe your ass with money, or B) Fkn stupid, because a person with at least a mediocre IQ would not spend that amount of money on games, ffs live a little.

On a sidenote, agree with the JsonHenry above, they have been saying the same bullcrap forever, and it still isn't dead.


jason henry i agree with your comments but you left out diablo2 and world of warcraft.

those have millions of everyday players too. i think everquest is another one.

i think consoles provide a remedy to all the complications that are involved in pc gaming. its also less cheaper to just buuy a console every 5-7 years.

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led10904734d ago

ok so we're looking at us sales over here...cnc3(the pc version alone not combined sales) sold more than 1 million copies worldwide(as of may 2007) much did it sell in the us??? not even 200,000...........the witcher sold 1 million copies much did it sell in the us????...not even 100,000...even enemy territory quake wars was a big flop in the us not even selling 50k copies to date but it still has more than 200,000 registered players....the only game which sold more in the us is world of warcraft...also the number of servers for the pc version of cod4 are more than that of the 360 version....and most of those are european servers...see i'm not sure how much crysis or ut3 have sold in europe....they might even flop but my point is that dont make such bold comments based on just the us sales

lynx1halo4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

good riddance!!! even any avid PC guy will tell you "Hey if youve got the money to spend for PC gaming then why not" well according to the latest pathetic Crysis(your killer PC App) sales numbers...EVERYDAY PC GAMERS CANT AFFORD IT ANYMORE....and the only PC gamers left are the well off financially ..

ThePantsMobile4734d ago

What is your problem? Source can run on some of the worst PCs. What, did your computer rape you or something?

skagrerrrr4734d ago

you can tell that to all the WoW fans, & to South Koreans who are the most avid pc gamers on the planet.

iceice1234734d ago

Tell me why he got a disagree...? Anyway, at leat it isn't dead in WoW :)

Snoozer2824734d ago

Yea, when you take into consideration everyone playing MMORPGs PC gaming is very much alive...

Bombomb4734d ago

It's easy to see why when you look at the latest sales figures for high profile PS3 titles so far.

but we know it's not true..right