Toshiba, IBM, AMD team up on chip development

Toshiba today announced that it's teaming up with the likes of IBM and AMD to develop chips in a bid to cut costs. The chip manufacturing alliance - also including Samsung, Singapore's Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Germany's Infineon Technologies and US-based Freescale Semiconductor - will develop system chips using 32-nanometre circuitry, Reuters reports.

The aim is to achieve high-performance, energy-efficient 32-nanometre chips which can go into mass production. These smaller chips are normally too expensive for individual manufacturers to develop, said Toshiba.

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predator4732d ago

thats one hell of a team.

THAMMER14732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

I feel some next gen console is about to get its CPU/GPU developed. Bring on 2011.

lynx1halo4732d ago


gta_cb4732d ago

agreed! and this may well be how AMD could bring them self back to the top like they where with the AMD Athlon XP :)

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Multigamer4732d ago

holy [email protected], ms should have this for there next one

mighty_douche4732d ago

Someones had enough of Intel getting all the $$$...

It'll be a few years at least before we see anything though, intel only need to reduce their cost, they have all the power and development support you could want.

bootsielon4732d ago

Intel is the leader in the market, I doubt they're "lost". Frankly, it seems that AMD is desperately looking for partners in order to compete with intel. Toshiba and IBM have been always working together, and two times already with Sony (EE and Cell), especially in technology that competes with x86 processors. This may indeed be an act of desperation made by AMD. Toshiba and IBM would have gone with Sony had Sony not backed out from the semiconductor industry due to huge costs and little return for them, so AMD saw a big once in a lifetime opportunity. Hardly bad for Intel though.

SuperSaiyan44732d ago

Thats an awesome team right there, but I dont think they are focusing on home PC CPU's though are they? Dont forget its only Intel and AMD on the market for PC's so if they all get together (except Intel) they could in theory make some pretty damn impressive CPU's for the home computer as well.

Ju4732d ago

They are just talking about technology (in general, and factories to manufacture those chips). Infineon usually build memory, Freescale is the ex Motorola spin off and PowerPC (cpu) branch, IBM, well, they build all kind of stuff. Nec ? Made their own cpus. AMD has besides x86 also their MIPS based embedded cpus - and ATI. So, based on that tech, I'd expect a variety of products. - Sony will buy again in if/when they see fit, I'd guess.

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