Metal Gear Solid 4 Preview

Right now the only thing certain about Metal Gear Solid 4 is that all the loose threads ill be tied up and there'll be a definite end. So says creator Hideo Kojima - and he should know all about finales, having announced his retirement from the series once MGS 4 is released next year

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Boink5849d ago

how about some in game footage that will make me want it instead of pre-redered movies?

cause I won't buy it, just cause it's metal gear...

BlindPublic5849d ago

Konami is waiting for their dev kits, but once they have those we should see some footage. I can't wait, so excited.

gamerriffic5849d ago

i agree in the need for in-game footage. but i disagree with the "pre-rendered" statement. we know since last years E3 that the movies are Realtime, hideokojima and others even demonstrated it... last year.

but yeah, the messege is, we need in-game.

Bhai5849d ago

..."IT HAS BEGUN!!!",

Yes folks, everyday more and more great news for PS3 are stocking up with much, much more media and downloadables...DAMN, its not even launch yet and we are being treated with third-gen PS3 titles like MGS while even the first-gen 'Resistance' is a deal undigestable. I say AWESOME ! and then I feel pain for its really getting unbearable to wait !!!

JIN KAZAMA 1875849d ago

is going to be amazing. All those "CGI" trailers, were proven to be realtime. It might not be IN-GAME, but I bet it will be very very close to it. The graphics on this game, have by far beat out ANY game we have seen so far. I cannot wait to get more information on this game.
Play B3yond.

zypher5849d ago

i myself would like to see some actual gameplay footage, but given the visual quality of the last two renditions, i'm 100% sure that MGS4's actual gameplay will AT LEAST match the visuals found in this realtime trailers.

God of Gaming5849d ago

ummm someone help me understand why those shots are considered so great? The last one with the soldiers is horrible.. hardly Play B3yond

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