E3 Returns to Los Angeles, but Remains Booth Babe Free

Kotaku - Brian Crecente, Tue Dec 18 2007:

The Entertainment Software Association today announced that the E3 Media & Business Summit will be returning to the spacious digs of the Los Angeles Convention Center for next year's event which will run from July 15 through July 17. But that doesn't mean that the new E3 is returning to its old ways.

Rich Taylor, senior vice president of communications and research for the ESA, told Kotaku in an interview on what to expect from next year's E3.

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MK_Red4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

No Booth Babes = Bad :(

JsonHenry4733d ago

Soo... um... make college women and single moms lose a job because some snooty old fart says booth babes are bad?

Not that I will miss them personally, with all those cool new games coming out who is really looking at the women anyway?

PStriple7034733d ago

i wonder what sony has up there sleaves next E3, cause they stole the show last year