Phantasy Star Universe Online Play Will Not be Free

Contrary to the rumors, Sega's Massively Multiplayer RPG which is due out this year, will cost users a ten spot every month to play online. Orange Lounge Radio reported a while back that the MMORPG would be free for Xbox Live Gold members, and has corrected their statement after an email from Sega.

There has been a lot of speculation about fees for MMORPGs on Xbox Live. Because the monthly charges are meant to sustain servers and an infrastructure, some believed that the $50 a year paid for the Xbox Live Gold service would provide the needed systems and cut down on extra fees sharged directly by developers.

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Gh0stDrag0n5853d ago

Well, this sucks. The only way to force them to provide this service with a Gold LIVE account is, do not buy this game. Speak with your money and tell them this is BS. The 360 is a great console but it is not a PC. MMORPGs that you need to pay extra for need to stay on the PC.

Evil5853d ago

You said it brother.

PS360WII5853d ago

Give me a break. 10 bones a month to play on a server they created for live and to make sure everyone is being good and stop the bugs and get people out of glitches. I'll gladly pay an extra 10 for that. I'll make it a point to buy this game just to tell them to do a good job with my money. If your complaining about this you've never played a MMORPG before and wouldn't of bought this game in the first place...

However, if you say wait yes I have played these before I just don't want to spend 10 more dollars on Live then guess what they have an offline adventure for you too

Gh0stDrag0n5853d ago (Edited 5853d ago )

There is a time where the consumer must draw the line. It will start with this, then another devaloper will make a game and want to charge, then another..... and before long XBox LIVE Gold accounts will be for ARCADE games only.
I think MMORPGs on the PC are great and have no problem forkin' out the cash. But XBox LIVE does not need this, it's big thing is it is a UNIFIED ONLINE SERVICE. This makes it UNUNIFIED. We pay for the gold service so we do not have to do this $hit.
BTW.... I wouldn't have a problem with it if they gave you the game free and had monthly updates (items,quests,areas.....)

PS360WII5853d ago

Yeah I see your point. I just wanted to play it :(

beans5853d ago

Ten dollars a month my azz! Im not going to be picking this one up and besides it's only a port!

BIadestarX5853d ago

how come this is not a surprise?
Let’s analyze the facts...
1) This game is a MMORPG and the majority of them charge montly fees (the good ones with the exception of guild of wars, kudos to them).
2) If FFXI and WOW charge you for the disk and a montly fee why would you expect any different?
3) You are not paying more to play this game on the XBox live. This game it's intended for people that already have xbox live and are already paying the yearly fee and want to play it on a big HD-TV at the comfort of their living room. What kind of idiot would buy a 360 and subscribe to xbox live just to play this game instead of just getting the PC version?
"some believed that the $50 a year paid for the Xbox Live Gold service would provide the needed systems and cut down on extra fees charged directly by developers." So, let me get this straight; Microsoft would charge $50 a year and their will maintain all MMORPG (Some of them with millions of users) games.
Do you have any ideas what it takes to maintain a MMORPG? Hundreds if not thousands of servers, T1, T3, routers, staff, each one of these MMORPG requires a lot work and you expect Microsoft to host all of them? So, you expect Microsoft to charge $50/year so you can play all MMORPG freely? So, if you pay $12/month ($144) to play one(1) MMORPG on your PC, you would go to Xbox live and pay $50/year and play them ALLLLLLLL for free.... gee… why does that sound odd?
ahh hahahaha! Sorry I had to. It’s nice to not have a clue how things work? Right?

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The story is too old to be commented.