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FiringSquad says:

"When we reviewed Gran Turismo 3 we found it to be one of the freshest experiences in a long time and it earned a 96% Final Verdict. Gran Turismo 4 was measurably better than GT3 in every way, but the bar had been raised. GT4 earned an 82% final verdict, but this was based on a 10% penalty for Sony going out of their way to disable support for the Logitech MOMO Force, accepted as the best steering wheel on the market at the time. Even then, it would have only earned a 92% final verdict. In 2007, Sony has shown greater humility and GT5: Prologue actually supports the Logitech G25… In fact, rudimentary support for the clutch feature is implemented!

So what's GT5: Prologue's final verdict? 95%. Even though GT5:P is essentially a technology demonstration for the PS3's 1080p gaming capabilities, the Cell's physics calculations, and the new upgraded physics engine, the combination of these features generates a completely new experience. Because the realism of the game has been bumped a notch, the excitement and thrill of racing has come back. Like games such as DDR before Gran Turismo, and the current world of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Gran Turismo 5 is a game that requires a dedicated controller to fully enjoy the experience."

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coolfool5405d ago

So that means either the actual game will score higher than this from them or the game won't be any better?! Of course that is rubbish but I thought the general rule with these demos and prologues is that they are given a lower score than the actual game (say about 10 - 20% lower because they can still review graphics and play just not so much on content)??

PimpHandHappy5405d ago

i might save up and make myself a real driving set up. I dont know how much the steering wheel with a seat will cost but i have almost a full year till the full blown GT5 comes out.

Till then i will be loving this game even if its with the sticks. Never had a wheel but i think it might be time for one

Quisp5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

(Scroll down a bit within link, for pics)

(Pics and build instructions)

Btw, as far as the article goes, Id have to strongly disagree that GT4 was better than GT3. Yeah, it had Nurburgring and Lemanns, along with upscaled 1080i, but, as many serious GT fans would agree, it lost its fun factor considerably, in 4. I actually enjoyed the track selection better in 3. Also, PLEASE enough SKylines!! I could go on. I just hope the sim is not ALL eye candy, and no substance.

Maddens Raiders5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

are you kidding/ I own ALL the GT series and find them all to be thoroughly enjoyable. GT4 took months of my life away. That Mercedes challenge at Nurburgring was amlost humanly ((impossible)) and firmly believe that it improved my personal driving skills by 20 to 30%. The 25 hueres du Le Mans is incredible and I loved the driver/director option. I know that the online connectivity and the (lack of) MOMO wheel connect. pissed off some gamers and obviously reviewers, but that game still ROCKED! I use a GT Driving Force pro myself which is sweet, but to try and diminish GT4 by saying it wasn't fun - I can't agree with that, but respect your opinion.

P.S. - and how you cannot love Skylines? A car that comes with nearly 500 horse out of the box and can hit 1,000 with a few wrench turns and bolt ons, all for a relatively consumer-friendly price when compared to other "world class" sports cars. Well engineered vehicles.

crank5405d ago

I totally agree, GT4 lost something, it was no longer fun, not to mention 3 was boring half way in pro mode, I just suddenly stopped and said why, and haven't played a GT since, waiting for Ferrari's to arrive. I simply got tired of the contests at the end of 3 and 4 was basically its clone with that stupid damage effect that killed it for me. I ran out of passion for this game but now it is back in full force, and you can bet you will be having more fun than ever. Those rare Ferrari's should be hard to get.

Quisp5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )


It took months away from my life too! I got the Nurburgring demo. I bought GT4 Prologue, GT4 Chinese final version just to get it a couple months earlier than US, and the final US version. I built my rig for GT4, along with a couple others for friends.

In regard to the Skylines, I love skylines, I just didnt think we needed 50 version of em ;), especially the road models.
I achieved 100% completion 3 times with GT3. I did it once with GT4.
I played a bit online via Xlink_Kai, but, that that was a pain, if youve ever done it.

I dont mean to say GT4 was a bad game, I enjoyed it--just not as much as 3. I was just expecting more, given the ridiculous delays, the guarantee that we would have online, then, last second it was scrapped.

GT4 Positives:
Full force-feedback DFP wheel support. The DFP wheel that was made specifically for GT4, was a god-send. It totally changes the experience of playing driving sims.
Again, giving us "The Ring" and LeSarthe was fantastic. But, too many of the other tracks in GT4 I felt were stale, compared to prior releases.

Also, I felt GT4's difficulty, was eased up. I cant blame them, as they dont want to limit the game to Uber Driving enthusiasts, but, if you played GT4-Prologue, it was less forgiving than GT4's release, IMO.
Aside from a couple of the Missions(34 you mention), the other races didnt really require a whole lot of work on our part. I recall with GT3, how much time I had to visit gtvault, to get a setup that would help me win a single race. I eventually learned to do setups myself. I mean, the Vitz race at SS11 was a total pain, until you found the right setup from its stock settings. Again, it seemed like more of a Driving Sim to me, and a bit more of a game in 4.

The introduction of B-SPec was a mistake. I mean, it took you out of the game, when all you had to do was to set the AI driver to do all the driving for you, as you leave the room or go to sleep, in the case of the foolish 24 hr Endurance races. No responsible adult, should ever have time enough to play a 24 hour race in a sitting--MONOTONOUS to the extreme. I thought 3 hour Endurance races max, was right, in 3.

Other things I missed from GT3:
Bring back the Roulette Car Winning Wheel!! It gave you incentive to do a series over again, if you didnt win the car of your choice. If nothing else, it gave us all debate as to whether we could influence the roulette's decision, by "hitting the X button at precisely the right moment" (That was always a fun debate).
I liked the variations of ACTUAL F1 cars from 3, each with its own handling, as opposed to 1 F1 "Gran Tursimo" car, in 4

Tracks: Complex String, Rome Circuit, Route 11, I thought the reworked Deep Forest in GT4, albeit prettier, was made easier, thus inferior to 3.
I thought the layout of the Halls was a bit disorganized. Could have made it simple and more effective.

Maddens Raiders5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

Quisp yeah, R-11 was the shyt! I loved that course. Complex string of course and I love the Autumn Ring, Trial Mountain Circuit, Tokyo Rt. 246, and *Deep Forest (Original). The Ring (Nurburg) is my all-all-all-time favourite without a doubt and I miss the roulette car, complete livery changes, and Mid-Field Raceway. All of the Real World tracks are simply spectacular, and I wish they would add Catalunya and Hockenheim. Yes I played some LAN races with my neighbor in his den and admittedly cheated (just a little!) at La Sarthe because I had to sleep! 8D

Yeas, I too wish they would've had online and damage at the time, but it in no way hampered the FUN I had playing these games. Hell, I'm trying my damndest to avoid hitting/getting hit/ and running into anything else myself on Turismo - especially on *licensing tests!!! So that never really bothered me either. It's scary now to think that they are going to add ALL of that stuff now and more. I love this game. See you online M8, take care.

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Hapimeses5405d ago

That was a pretty comprehensive review, and I must admit it kinda swung me from 'meh' to 'umm... okay, I'll maybe give it a shot'.

Nice; however, I'll still wait to see what everyone else has to say first.

Rice5405d ago

I will wait till ign and other sites review this game.

bootsielon5405d ago

GT5:P is raising the bar. GT5 might simply improve on the formula. GT5 will be rated based on what GT5:P got, how it can improve upon it, and what extra content, like tracks, modes, music, videos, cars and other game objects will be available directly, for unlocking or for download.

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