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Scott at The Controller Online writes: "Have you ever read a Batman comic and wondered what the ordinary citizens of Gotham City were like? As you might expect, considering the things they have to deal with on a daily basis, some of them are pretty crazy. Monolith took to the streets of Gotham to give you a look at what happens when Batman and The Joker are tied up fighting each other. Copycat gangs, or Impostors, war in the streets. Gotham City Impostors has one of the most original settings we’ve seen, in a multiplayer shooter, in a long time and despite its goofy exterior, the action is dead serious."

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killerhog4548d ago (Edited 4548d ago )

wow, i think a 9 is way too generous. i would give it a 7 at best. the matchmaking is broken, the lag is what you expect from playing a P2P server game, the maps are a bit bland/lifeless.

side note: i love shooting someone in the back or chest with both my assault rifle and sub-machine gun only for them to run behind cover, a room, etc. and not die, resurface and kill me with 10 hits. i especially love when this happens when, the person im shooting at doesnt have armor, yet i do along with extra damage. theres also me getting shot at and i try to run into a room or cover (like they do) and i die before i can make it to that point. theres also the typical shooting at someone 2-3 seconds before they saw you and there it is again, they kill me.

besides these issues the game is fun, but i find myself being galled at the cheap deaths (as i explained above)

BX814548d ago

Lag is going to kill this game. I play it on the 360. Every room I've been in you get any where from 2-4 players with 2 red bars. I don't mind how long it takes to kill someone but it can get a bit crazy with lag.

ichdich4548d ago

This game is better then MW3?

quantumriian4548d ago

At least I've actually been able to connect to games, the beta experience was atrocious. That being said, even when I have a full 3 bars for connection the game still freeze-frames for a good 3-5 seconds pretty much anytime an enemy appears on screen or I perform an action other than running such as aiming, shooting, jumping, etc. To me it just seems like completely broken netcode.

Grimhammer004548d ago

The other issue....which utterly makes this game trash is the dlc xp boost you can buy multiple times!!!!

Way to balance the game!



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Fist4achin1965d ago

I didnt care for brink. I thought it was going to be like overwatch back in the day.

Skuletor1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

7 page article


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KiwiViper853015d ago

Ye AC Rogue is a no brainer. It reviewed better than unity. Only reason I didn't pick it up is 360 is in the cupboard.

Kalebninja3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I keep getting sent to the homepage and not an article. As for BC games, get me RDR and Lost Odyssey please, never got to finish the latter.

Vokun133015d ago

Gotham City impostors. I would love to see that again, played it way too much!


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minimur123844d ago

I like this, rather than the title proclaiming they know the best games on steam, the author says 'our reccomendations' I don't know why I'm happy about it but I respect it lmao

GundalfDeGrej3844d ago

Tf2 is my favorite game of all time and I highly recommend it to everyone. Planetside 2 is also really awesome if you have a decent pc to play it on. All of these games are better than a lot of 60$ games out there.

caseh3844d ago

Blacklight is surprisingly enjoyable. been spending time with this on PS4.

Although they clearly gear the game towards parting with your monies. Expect to pay up to £5 just to unlock items early, or even just for an extra loadout slot.

Gear bought with Battle Points will only last for a certain number of days which pushes you towards paying real money to permanently unlock.

Its a good time sink but the I can see the overwhelming push towards making you pay killing this game off for many players after a few days.

urwifeminder3844d ago

Tf2 and Starconflict are my faves others seem forgettable for me.

Passenger3844d ago

Good recommendations, but I´d add Path of Exile and Planetside2, these are great games, too =)

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