Sony PS Vita vs Samsung Galaxy Note

Portable gaming consoles were big for the past decade, but with the release of the iPhone, everything started to change. No longer were smartphones only devices for calls, emails and work - they also started getting powerful GPUs that could be used for running graphics and 3D apps, which of course included games. Today, smartphone games are just as good as their console counterparts, and you no longer need a separate device to play them whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Mikhail3462d ago

the articles concludes that the note wins. I disagree in mkst of the parts but its hard to argue to people with a close mind.

badz1493461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

does the Note or any other smartphones in that matter allow or give me the ability to play console quality games like the Vita does?

the answer is a big fat NO so fvck off stupid non-gaming related reviews!

plus, this stupid reviewer is pretty uninformed on lots of stuff too! how the fvck does this even got through?

3 hours of gaming on Vita? BS! I have one so this is totally not true!

Vita doesn't have HDMI out! and no, Note will never give you that console gaming feeling! not even close!


i have a note...great phone

to compare it to a vita is the most ridiculous thing ive read,wheres the mention of the dual analogue sticks? and there are no games on android or ios that can rival uncharted or the incoming COD for vita.vita gives us core console gaming on the move,smartphones give us stocking fillers

anyone who compares a smartphone to a dedicated gaming device is dumb as $hit

NewMonday3461d ago

-the Note is about 650$ with controls other than the screen has only ,the Vita is 250$

-the Note screen has 280 PPI Vita screen has 220 PPI

the Note is Dual-core, the Vita is Quad-core

MaxXAttaxX3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Yet they gave the win to the Note... wtf?

I want a gaming device with proper controls and gaming features and content, Trophies and PSN.

The PS Vita is not supposed to replace smartphones. They're TWO DIFFERENT MARKETS. That's what these people need to realize.

It is obvious that the media keeps comparing the Vita based on smartphone standards.
Because if they compared smartphones based on the PS Vita, this would be completely different.

Outside_ofthe_Box3462d ago

"I believe having a universal device that can do everything is better than lugging around a smartphone and a big and honking portable console, so the Galaxy Note wins in my book."

Meh, remember the days when people bought a gaming device because the GAMES it had?

Don't really get why people think that the Vita is aiming for the same demographic that smartphones are aiming for or the demographic the 3DS is aiming at. I see the Vita as being for people that want a console like experience on the go. So if that isn't for you then the Vita isn't for you. The vita is the type of handheld I've been waiting for; Console gaming on the go.

Emilio_Estevez3461d ago

"I believe having a universal device that can do everything is better than lugging around a smartphone and a big and honking portable console, so the Galaxy Note wins in my book." - So that pretty much means he didn't even give the Vita a chance, because I'm sure he thought that going in, so why even bother with the article?

smashcrashbash3462d ago

BS. The VITA is quite light and is no different then people who 'lug' around laptops and tablets with no problem at all. I mean this is absolute stupidity. I have never seen so many excuses against a portable deceive in my life.

NO one mentioned how bulky and awkward a 3DS is but suddenly the the VITA is 'huge' and hard to carry? I mean I have never seen anything like it. Despite reviews saying otherwise to the constant negativity people are still fighting the VITA down like its a plague or something. I really don't understand this gen at all you know. At some point in time everything got all turned around and screwed up and nobody noticed.

MasterCornholio3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

The 3DS might be a little thick due to its clam shell design but it really isn't that bad.

However if you add the frankenpad accessory that completely changes.


IRetrouk3461d ago

It was noticed, the only thing we can do is support it, from what I can tell the vita is exactly the kind of portable I want.

moparful993460d ago

To be honest I think people are scared of what the vita can do.. No longer can they complain about the lack of a second analog nub, pricing, or features so they nit pick at the most rediculous stuff... In the age of the ipad and laptops its kind of funny that people are riding the vita over its lack of pocketability...

Ezio20483461d ago

PS VITA easily overshadows Galaxy Note!!!

Titanz3461d ago

Or something like that.

Trevonn3461d ago

Different strokes for different folks.

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