Impulse Gamer - Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review

Impulse Gamer - I was amazed when I had the opportunity to review this title for impulsegamer! Being a long term reviewer and co founder for the site, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was an early title that I looked after and one of the first games that I unreservedly gave a perfect 12/10. That's right I scored it over and above a perfect score. It was the best game I had played up till that point and frankly it still stands tall as an example of superior gameplay and design.

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bobrea4254d ago

9.9? Just make it a 10, you dingus.

4254d ago

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - Preparing for Snake Eater Remake

The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection launched in 2011, and is still the best way to play Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater ahead of the remake.

contra157109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Can’t wait to one day break that game out of the collection vault

aaronaton108d ago

Currently playing Snake Eater HD on CRT 16:9, via Scart RGB. Game looks great but not as clean as MGS2, but thats due to the setting. Can't wait for the remake + the next HD collection on PS5.


Metal Gear Solid games still missing from PlayStation and Xbox stores

Months after they were removed from sale, a number of Metal Gear Solid games have yet to return to the PlayStation and Xbox stores.

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Nyxus543d ago

It's Konami. Expect nothing.

Snookies12543d ago

Konami's too busy with their Pachinko machines to worry over silly little things like this.

543d ago
masterfox543d ago

glad I have my PS3 HD MGS collection.

Orchard543d ago

MGS is just missing in general. Thanks Konami.

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