PSM3 The Orange Box Review: Delayed, and blighted by slowdown, but Half-Life's appeal doesn't decay

PSM3 writes:

"Before you ask - yes, this is a review of the PS3 version. Ignore rivals who've based their impressions on Xbox code. And yes, it slows down, but no, it isn't enough to ruin the game(s) - far from it - although it can affect your aiming and has, albeit slightly, affected our final score. OK?."

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predator4732d ago

see, not as bad as some of you guys say it is.

my opinion is that if you have a ps3, like shooters then get this, by far the best 5 games you will play this year

lynx1halo4732d ago

I picked this up, and it does have noticablely longer load times, However TF2 (my main reason for buying it) runs like a CHARM

ForROME4732d ago

Im an IT manager I was so curious to see all these frame rate stutters,
bought it, played through portal, half life 2 , ep 1 and ep 2. Seriously those stutters arent anything to shy away from. Think back when you played spyphon filter or metal gear with a couple of hitches in slowdown thats really about as bad as it gets which isnt anything. It is so worth the exp all over again, Great Purchase recommend it to anyone.

Official Admiral4732d ago

Orange box is a great deal for all that you get.

sheng long4732d ago

Great game! don't shy away from this one guys. It's well worth it.

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