360 Classics Confirmed!

Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, Condemned and King Kong all head to new price point of £24.99.

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willud4skins5850d ago

pretty cool although i dont really want any of those games.

PS360WII5850d ago

So MS when they say Classic do they mean crappy?

Silverwolf5850d ago

Kameo, Condemned are good games. Can't say the same about PDZ though.

kmis875850d ago

Damn, 25 pounds is almost $50! The Brits have it real bad when it comes to conversions.
Does that mean that classic games here in America will be $25?

Dusk5850d ago

Classic is just another word for 'games that aren't selling anymore'. This is pretty common. As things stop selling, companies will lower the price and come up with a marketing gimmick like 'classic' to try to get people who overlooked the product the first time, to now give it a try. In addition, if someone is just now buying the 360, they are probably more interested in current games than games from a year ago. However, if the old games are now cheap and 'classic', these new owners may buy them.

ElementX5850d ago

PDZ isn't all that bad. My roommate and I play together on XBL. There are a nice assortment of guns, but few multiplayer maps though.

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