Verne Troyer Stars in New World of Warcraft TV Ad

The latest World of Warcraft TV commercial features Verne Troyer, famous for his Mini-Me role in the Austin Powers movie.

Check out this hilarious advertisement featuring Troyer as, you'll never guess, a Gnome Mage!

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Maticus4354d ago

I can't wait to see who else they get to do these ads :D

iceice1234354d ago

As an undead Warlock, at least that's what people want. :)

bootsielon4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

But yeah, I'd love to see Christopher Walken do that.

Anyway, I can't believe WoW's success. Seriously, what will happen when WoW reaches a population bigger than the biggest city in the world? It's already up there with the biggest cities!


Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, New York, L.A., you name it...

Rooted_Dust4354d ago

What city has more than 9 million people living in it?

Marceles4354d ago

Lol...they're finding all the washed up people for these WoW ads. Maybe they'll find Bud Bundy and Tom Selleck to do an ad too.

Leord4353d ago

Next person should be Mr Norris himself! :D