Wheels of Destruction: World Tour coming soon to PSN

Gelid Games has announced that car combat racer Wheels of Destruction: World Tour will be arriving "soon" to PlayStation Network.

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GGHui2442d ago

I think it will be a twisted metal killer.

KwietStorm2442d ago

lol why does some copycat always Just pop out the shadows whenever a new Twisted Metal releases. They even stole the subtitle from Twisted Metal 2.

soundslike2442d ago

I agree and at the same time

I'm fine with car combat making a comeback. I mean, I think we have enough downloadable platformers and shooters eh

JonahFalcon2442d ago

Why would anyone want to make a shooter. Just a ripoff of Doom, man.

KwietStorm2442d ago

I see what you're trying to do, buy try to comprehend my point first.

kisuro2441d ago

Guys, you've already seen the gameplay of Wheels of Destruction?