PSP Media Manager now Free to Download

Sony's PSP Media Manager is a decent enough piece of software. You click, you drag, you browse, it gets the job done. Only problem is, for some ridiculous reason, you have to pay for it. Stupid! Stupid in the West, at least: Sony have announced that Japanese consumers can now download the software free of charge from their PlayStation Store. Sucky news for us, right? Not even close. Fumble your way through the Japanese install and you'll find the program itself runs in English.

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lowlight4732d ago

I actually paid for this software a while back. Then they brought out version 2.0, and they wanted me to pay for an upgrade! The original version doesn't work with Vista either, so I had to abandon it and use 3rd party free software, which doesn't work very well (the aspect ratio is almost always off, and the image quality is almost always worse with larger file sizes)

gta_cb4732d ago

have you tried using PSPVideo 9? its free and i thought does a pretty good job :)

Darkiewonder4732d ago

Pro version you'll still have to buy ;o

kingdre7144732d ago

The day that PlayStation tookover the world!!!!