Why is North American Box Art So Bad?

"Alright, thats a sweeping generalisation, but it’s also quite true. We all know that films, games and books all get different covers and treatment depending on the region they release in, but every time you can guarantee that the NA box art will feature characters on the front and someone will be angry. In fact, the vast majority of NA box art is as far from what anybody could call artistic, below are a selection of some of the best (and worst) offenders in the world of box art. "

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specialguest4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Cosmic Fantasy 2 box art for the TG16 CD is beyond bad. Back in those times, NEC NA feared that the anime art style would scare away gamers.

Here's the original Japanese box art:

Their solution for NA:

This was bad on so many levels from creepy looking faces to just plain lack of human figure drawing ability. It's like they hired some middle school kid to draw the box art for free.

Ocelot5254013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

nope , it's marketing strategy. Games with the protagonists on the cover sell better in the US while Europeans prefer the artsy approach

Same reason why coke tastes different in each country.

gillri4013d ago

the worst offenders are the ICO and Heavy Rain NTSC box arts, the Resident evil 4 PAL boxart was awesome too compared to the NTSC one

its the stupid publishers fault I know many americans which absolutely detest the NTSC boxarts compared to the one we get over in the UK.

But the big wigs think that its need they need character, gun or women plastered over the cover with little or no artistic integrity

specialguest4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

When you compare the two, it's like night and day. The original ICO boxart looks like a piece of artwork made by some famous artist from the past. Its minimal style communicates back very well in artistic way about the game. For a game that some may say is the closes thing to art, this is beautifully fitting.

With the NA boxart, you get an imitation of a generic Hollywood movie poster. All I see is a kid with a viking helmet holding some sort of 2x4 who seems to be mad, and a faded female face.

Rob9464013d ago

Here's a great example

Yakuza 3 Japanese Box Art-

Yakuza 3 American Box Art-

BubloZX4013d ago

ehh. some are good and the ones that suck suck equally bad for both. but NA box art isnt that bad

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The story is too old to be commented.