Sneaky Extra Stuff in Sony's Firmware 2.10

As well as providing DivX and WMV playback in the latest firmware as we revealed yesterday (which is now out, by the way) Sony have added a couple of really cool new features that aren't documented in the changelist.

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iMad4733d ago

1,2 or 3 games from about 100 being in development..:) yaeh he does't lie at this, but lie overal. Thouse 3 games are exeptions from the rule.

Multigamer4733d ago

ha we will see, i bet they still look better on the 360 to

PStriple7034733d ago

how do i get those 1080p ff13 videos on my ps3?

mighty_douche4733d ago

and all i can dig up is crap mpeg4 "up-scaled" to 1080, ok but far from HD.

FamilyGuy4732d ago

You know those "high quality" versions that were downloadable? Well they're Dvix codec and they can be played on the PS3 without ANY converting thanks to this latest update! Have fun, i already got them on mine as they look tons better than those upscaled/converted 1080p ones that you want.

predator4733d ago

so how often do they release firmware updates guys?

Capt CHAOS4733d ago

Only takes one dev, one human error to bodge things up totally..
Each release carries a risk.

Darkiewonder4733d ago

but if sony said what they said in an interview. they won't do frequent updates starting in 2008 ;o


ummmm, i cant see the link.

predator4733d ago

it seems the website is down at the moment.