Assassin's saves Ubisoft from EA takeover

A columnist with the Financial Times suggests that the success of Assassin's Creed has staved off any plans for Electronic Arts to acquire Ubisoft.

With Assassin's Creed selling 2.5 million units in a single month, Ubisoft's price tag just got higher, making it less susceptible to a hostile takeover by shareholder and competitor Electronic Arts, said an article in the Financial Times.

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Omegasyde4736d ago

ditto, but we all know EA is going to buy Atari out next because they are supposingly "up for sale".

predator4736d ago

but ms and sony should get in there then we will have quality titles not rushed sh!t from EA

Topshelfcheese4736d ago

This is really meaningless, EA already owns 25% of Ubisoft through shares, and all it really needs is 26% more and it will have the majority power. Ubisoft is a public company btw, and EA doesn't need to outright buy them to control them.

bootsielon4736d ago

I wish it was thanks to a great game, but rather, it is thanks to a B+ game which happens to have sold a lot. Then again, just to one game? It only made the chances for EA slightly minor. Still, EA is probably gonna end up buying them anyway. They're not that far, and as someone said above, they just need another 26%. Rock Band will help finance the acquisition.