More Recent XVID Codecs Work On PS3

Try it yourself.

Download sample images.
Use an SD card to copy the movie to your ps3 hard-drive.
You may also use TVersity, but you must cut transcoding off.

It appears that while Sony is allowing XVID's post 2002. The icon under the PS3 is still DIVX.

Image is titled to Gizmodo.

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mighty_douche4732d ago it easy to set up and use?? any advice will result in bubbles.

Omegasyde4732d ago

its alright but it is the best option IMHO. It just requires alot of space since before the file can be streamed, it must a make a copy of itself as a temp file.. i.e. now you have 2 exact same files with 2 different names.

I was streaming so much I forgot to clear the cache and my computer had problems because there was less than 500 mbs of free memory :)

So yea its nice and you can stream to your cpu and save the file on your PS3 HDD if you wanted too as well.

Blademask4732d ago

Works for the 360, PS3 and others.

Install it.
Turn off Transcoding under Settings. If you have nothing but Xvid/Divx content. The ps3 supports only so many codecs so look those up. If you are downloading shows/movies that are around 700mb, they are more than likely Divx/Xvid.

Make an exception for Tversity.exe in your firewall
Make an exception for Mediaserver.exe in your firewall (google how to do that)

Search for the media server on the ps3.

Thats it.

Copy files over to your HDD, or copy them over with an SD card.

There are videos on youtube as well.

mighty_douche4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

just to confrim, you can save it to the PS£ hard drive through TVersity correct?

oh and as promised, bubbles.

EDIT @ BladeMask, cheers dude, bubbles for you, very helpful, im fine with all the PC/firewall settings just never used TVersity before. im gonna try it as soon as i get home. chhers guys, much apreciated!!

Blademask4732d ago

You just hit "copy" while accessing the movie. Careful, 60gb/80gb isn't that much when copying movies....

Divx/Xvid have a limit on file size though. Its hard to find a Divx/Xvid movie greater than 2 gigs. If you find a release let me know ;). h.264 and others dont.

I have a 1080i Predator on the HDD now. Just to test. 9 gigs. Plays fine. Its MPGV though.. but apparently the ps3 supports it.

mighty_douche4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

where did you get Predator in HD from?!?! tell me!!! i must have it!!

is it from *cough*torrent*cough*??

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UnblessedSoul4732d ago

Can you copy using tversity ? or is it just streaming

Omegasyde4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Yes you can copy and even save the item streaming into another format.

Sort of useless now since the PS3 can pretty much read almost every popular format now.

Omegasyde4732d ago

perhaps linnux will be more useful now for install? Don't be surprised if Sony goes for a partnership with the guys behind Yellow dog or Ubbuuto next.

That would really piss off Microsoft, in which they would retaliate and make Warner go exclusive to HD DVD. lol

UnblessedSoul4732d ago

Ok thanks I was using my memory stick and it was taking forever

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