Sony PlayStation 3 Hardware May Not Be Finalized

According to the information provided by sources familiar with the matter, game developers used high-performance PCs to showcase what the PlayStation 3 game consoles will be able to deliver to gamers. At least some of the game developers masked personal computers inside the showcase stands and put a PS3 case so that attendees would believe that they see the real working game consoles and the real games. However, no attendees could actually touch the consoles, or to play the PlayStation 3 games during the exhibition.

The game developers who did not run their demos on the pre-release Sony PlayStation 3 hardware, used high-performance personal computers, such as those featuring high-speed Nvidia GeForce 7900 graphics cards in SLI mode or even ATI's Radeon X1900 in CrossFire mode. While neither ATI, nor Nvidia would confirm such information, the sources claimed that at least some game developers used PC hardware to demonstrate the PS3 demos.

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deepio6585d ago

Err...leaving it a bit late aren't we Sony..??

ssj046585d ago (Edited 6585d ago )

HOw does using a PC to run some games = PS3 Delay?
YOu know, I just notice this and all of you M$ fans are just stupid for going crazy for this stupid article.
M$ did it and i didn't see no Damn delay... Stupid ass mind going around this place here.

May I add:

Nvidia said to exspect the ps3 games to be neare the Quad SLI GPU Graphic.... check vid near the end when he said it.

Jay da 2KBalla6585d ago

those g5s were alpha kits so what are you talking about?

OutLaw6585d ago

I know how he loves to prove a case(ssj04) which I was hoping that this was it. But no. It sounds like we really don't know what the cell chips could do and if Sony could pull this off. Thats all I have to say on this so ssj04, don't write me.

Lucidmantra6585d ago (Edited 6585d ago )

Quarreling with ssj? LOL. You know what PS3 will have issues. Nothing will come out that will completely be 100% free of bug especially when it is new technology. I like 360, and it might seem a little odd for me to stand up for PS3 but I am tired of all this, anyone who is rational and intelligent will not think the ps3 is going to come and be the second coming of Christ. It will be a console system, about the same at 360, plus or minus 20-30%. Why do we need to reiterate this on a daily basis that it is new technology and they are having problems? We know it to be true. Saying this over and over to Sony fanbois/nuts is like trying to tell a 60 year old Christian that god doesn't exist, they believe he does. The SOny superfans believe the PS3 will smoke the competition and open the sky up and cause there to be peace on earth, or at least for it to smoke the "Xbug" "Sexbox" "Xbox 1.5" it very well might. Sony has invested BILLIONS into a new technology. Beyond the PS3 if it works sony stands to make tons of money. Personally I hope SOny and Microsoft duke it out head to head for this and the next generation because competition breeds advancement, and they will be forced to raise the bar and show something spectacular.

USMChardcharger6585d ago

i was shocked to see ssj04 put this up because some would read into this as bad for was he trying to help his cause or hurt it?

Anerythristic266585d ago

If this is true the PS3 will not launch in November. This a rumor that Sony needs to squash. I was actually getting a little suspicous but will give it till August. It was around that time that the MS camp started talking about actual production plans releaing finalzed game case and box design and strated showing solid actual gameplay. I have to put a vote in for a Spring 07 delay any takers.

ssj046585d ago

The final dev kits was ment to be release last month, so I don't know how to go about this artilce.

FamoAmo6585d ago

I think if the PS3 doesn't launch in November Sony will pull the plug on it! With the Wii out in November the x-mas holiday Sony would take a huge loss and I am not to sure they will launch but until it's confirmed let's not all get to excited! :)

USMChardcharger6585d ago are actually being normal and posting an article to say, "man i hope this is not true, but i need to tell my fellow gamers about this."
if so, cool...i hope to see and have some mature debates with you.

Bill Gates6585d ago

Final Dev. kits are due to ship out in June not May, not April. June!!!!!

LK6585d ago

sometimes adding alot of feature to a console isn't all that great. i would of got the ps3 if it was just a gaming console. look at wii and 360 simple gaming consoles. not an entertainment console. not forcing you to buy an over rated hd-drive.