DS breaks UK hardware record…twice

All the predictions of a bumper Christmas for Nintendo in the UK seem to be proving accurate, with news that its consoles are selling in record numbers.

The DS has now broken the previous UK weekly hardware sales figure twice this month, shifting 185,000 in the first week and over 200,000 last week.

Meanwhile the Wii also sold over 100,000 units last week, demonstrating a decent supply of stock even if there's still not enough to satisfy demand.

Additionally the Wii is thought to have surpassed the Xbox 360's installed base in the UK this month.

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PS360WII4733d ago

It's just nuts how the DS sells so well. Great handheld :)

The Killer4733d ago

i mean i am thinking to buy psp but seeing all these DS sales make me wonder why is it so good! so y DS is so good?

PS360WII4733d ago

Games and the sheer amount of them. With all the genres acounted for in full ^^

The Killer4733d ago

i see, i also realized that psp lacks its own IP's but still have good game, thanks for the info!

ItsDubC4733d ago

As w/ any console, it's all about the games. And as PS360WII has stated, the DS has lots of them.

The DS hardware may not be as powerful as the PSP, but the side effect of that is that the DS has lower dev costs, which translates into more games by more devs and publishers (including industry bigwigs like Square-Enix). In addition, the DS can be played w/ the d-pad as well as the stylus, which opens the door for new types of games and gameplay never before seen on any console.

For $130 (about the price of 2 PS3/360 games), the DS is practically a must-have for gamers.

skagrerrrr4733d ago

piece of hardware. Congrats!

djt234733d ago

ds that how you do it

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