Home updates for UT III?

CVG reports:

"Jim Brown, lead level designer at Epic Games, has been talking about the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III and the possability of getting some Home features in there at some point.

When asked by PSU if there are any plans to integrate Unreal Tournament III into PlayStation Home, Brown replied: "There appears to be some great options for trophies, achievements, matchmaking, demos, and distribution of user-made content, just to name a few. We're excited to see how things turn out, but it's a little too early to really anticipate how far we'll be able to go with it."

Fingers crossed that means there'll be some features worked in. As far as a European release goes, Brown could only say, "We don't have an exact date yet but we expect it to be early in the new year." Sooner rather than later, we hope."

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sonarus4732d ago

anyone can essentially speculate on home features however nothin can really be known till its actually out and we see how devs handle it. It does open up great windows assuming it is implemented efficiently and the way most of us imagine. It really would be an evolutionary online service for consoles and would really help sony stand out against the superior xbox live. Home implemented properly has every indication of being better than xbox live in just about every aspect i can think off. The key point though would be implementation sony cannot afford for home to flop and it would really set them up for success next yr. The earlier home comes out the better as the big sony titles are coming out nxt yr it would be a shame for them to lack home implementation.

Skerj4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

The points you brought up about implementation and features are precisely why it hasn't launched yet. I'm glad it was pushed because what I hear from beta users, things are far from being what they should be and for Sony to release it now would do far more harm than good. Here's hoping that the release is as smooth as possible and the core functionality of at LEAST the trailers launches with the program.