Playstation 3 DivX Playback Tested (Verdict: Not As Good As the Xbox 360)

Gizmodo writes:

"The PlayStation 3 2.10 update is here, bringing with it not only Blu-ray Profile 1.1 support (which adds picture in picture among other things), but DivX and WMV playback as well. Unfortunately, DivX support means DivX support, and doesn't include XviD as some of us hoped. We threw our normal battery of files at our PS3, and came to the conclusion that it's not quite as good as the Xbox 360 implementation."


As you might have noticed already, the source has been updated and corrected.

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sonarus4733d ago

xvid will prob be improved upon in an update dwn the road.

the worst4733d ago

i just finished watching csi in xvid

Jack T4733d ago

The 360 has better dix/xvid support, you fanboys look real stupid now.

rushbd4733d ago

I thought everyone knows that they are complete 360 tools.

they mention Halo 3 even if it's a entry about nexgen toylet sits.

try to mention PS3 anywhere they wont allow it.

Kleptic4733d ago

uh....doesn't the 360 just stream it from a computer or local networked server? exactly does that make it a better Divx device?...any storable Divx files have to be downloaded off of XBL correct?...and anything else can only be streamed in by the media extender capabilities?...

The PS3 doesn't need to be just an "extender" can locate, store, and play most of the files on its own...and also stream the files as well...

I am not a big Divx user anyway, just curious as to what exactly this guy is someone not real familiar with this stuff, I didn't see one thing that made the 360 seem fact it was the exact opposite...only bad thing he mentioned of the PS3 was the video controls...

also what is with this DLNA support?...Vista is entirely DLNA compliant correct? is the PS3? why are they saying you can only use WMP 11 to share files? that for XP users?...I can specify exactly what files and folders to share with my PS3, and stream to my ps3, with Vista without a problem...been doing it since that update several months ago...I am not familiar with the type of sharing that guy mentioned, but it appears somewhat that its more of a problem with XP not being full DLNA compliant than an issue with the PS3...

Mu5afir4733d ago

These morons wanted to be the first to print their review, and in doing so made themselves look like total tools. Exactly why wouldn't Xvid files work? It's a DivX standard (MPEG4) codec, XviD binary hasn't been updated since 1998.

wageslave4733d ago


Is this the kind of knowledge the average PS3 owner has when discussing the Xbox 360?

"doesn't the 360 just stream it from a computer or local networked server? exactly does that make it a better Divx device?...any storable Divx files have to be downloaded off of XBL correct?...and anything else can only be streamed in by the media extender capabilities?"

Just wrong in so many ways.

With Xbox 360, you can play any supported formats by doing the following.

A) Streaming via TVersity or other Streaming Services (Zune SF for instance).
B) Streaming via Windows Media Center.
C) Play the files from your Zune / ipod / whatever directly attached
D) Play the files from SMB mounts (shared drives) (osx/windows/linux)
E) Play the files from attached USB devices (I have a 500GB Segate Freeagent).
F) Play the files from the on-board storage.

All that said, the real power is in B. Why? Well, why would you want to put your media on a PLAYBACK device? I already have many many GB of data storage (that is backedup and in another room) on my network.

I want to be able to play *all* my music when I am in the backyard (on wireless LAN). Could I be able to play that music if it were on my Console? Couldnt I play it on both my upstairs and downstairs Xbox 360s? No. What about the Roku attached to my home stereo (I dont have one, but I considered it before my Xbox 360).

Putting your data on the console is D-U-M-B. The console should be able to access all the resources and services on the smartest, best priced, most dynamic and versitle machine in your home: YOUR COMPUTER. Thereby extending its functionality.

And, the vastly under-appreciated feature by PS3 owners about (B) is all the things that WMC does. Pause live TV? Yep. Radio Tuners? Yep. Streams? Yep. IPTV? Yep. Program your PC-based DVR? Yep. Surf the Web? Yep. Run 3rd party software? Yep.

And, next year when BR & HD-DVD drives start to appear in Computers, you'll be able to play your movie accross the network without having to buy a standalone player (or the HD-DVD add-on (which, btw, can be used with your PC... :)

Windows Media Center brings *all kinds* of extra functionality to your living room that PS3 owners cant even dream about.

Its about versatility - and the Xbox 360 is far far more featureful.

harv0524733d ago

And if you don't have WMC, what the f**k do you do??

SlappyMcTaint4733d ago

Can anybody these days do a comparison, that doesn't find any and everything that could be negative towards the PS3, while every negative 360 thing is forgiven or overlooked? It's fcking sickening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k2d4733d ago

OK, now we can all report this as fake.

Kleptic4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

ok...Wageslave...basically you took what I said and made it much more complicated...yet still didn't prove anything of what I said as wrong...

I missed that the 360 could play things off of mass storage devices...that was it...and every single thing you mentioned can all also be easily done with a PS3...that hardly makes the 360 "more featureful"...

not only that...but I wasn't even remotely talking about overall media features...I was only referring to the 360's abilities with Divx playback...and to what I have read up about it, what I mentioned is how Divx playback works on the stated that what I wrote as "wrong", then went of on a random tangent that was meaningless to all of us...

so the real question is...does the average 360 owner always turn everything into an overall console superiority contest?...this discussion was about Divx...not that a 360 can play "media" from an iPod...

ha and also...what makes you think a PS3 can't use features of WMC?...its also a certified DLNA device, that can do everything you mentioned...from tons of different programs other than WMC...

you can refer to the ability to store whatever you want on the console's local HDD as "dumb"...but I would truely enjoy seeing how well your network handles the streaming of full HD MPEG4 movies...while still using your network for normal PC it a dumb feature because you can't do it on the 360?...I think that could be a little more accurate than it just being dumb overall...

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PirateThom4733d ago

It does include XVid... in fact, most of my files are encoded with XVid and work.

MrSwede4733d ago

Does Xvid work? I haven't tried it yet. What the hell is Gizmodo on about then?

PirateThom4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Oddly enough, yes, I'm not sure about streaming (which is what they seems to talk about), but directly from the hard drive, as I said, I only have three files out of about 40 that wouldn't play and those three were ripped quite some time ago, which makes me think, like DivX, age is a factor.

MrSwede4733d ago

This got me a little pissed. I'm not the rabid fanboy, but that sure seems a little biased.

Btw, bubble for responding!

PirateThom4733d ago

I don't think it's intentional, it could just be that they use the same files for testing to keep everything fair and they just happen to have older files. It's possibly something that has been overlooked.


riqued4733d ago

I am watching BSG in Xvid so the it does work!

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highfoot4733d ago

I've tested myself, Xvid do work. Every singel Divx/Xvid file that i have work. This is just another false, stupid attempt to bash on the PS3.

PirateThom4733d ago

I tell a lie, I actually have three XVid files that won't play, but they were ripped a long time ago.

The age of the file (thus the codec) could be part of the problem, kind of like the DivX codec.

Genki4733d ago

Somebody called it. Didn't take long. Good news about the update and someone finds this to derail the enthusiasm. Seriously, you guys are really running out of material. You know who you are.