Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Double gameplay goodness

If the recent game intro disappointed in any one area (and it sure wasn't impact), then it was probably that there wasn't enough real, on the street/track, gameplay footage included into the mix. Well, these latest trailers certainly put pay to that discrepancy, featuring high-speed thrills on an oval racetrack and through the confined streets of Ye Olde London Town.

Click the source for both trailers...

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lodossrage4735d ago

Those streets are DAMN skinny. But that is how it paticular street really is in actuality so it's not the developers fault lol.

But that gameplay video is great. Especially in high def mode.

And I never used to like playing racing or plane games in c-pit mode.

GT is making me change my mind from the way those videos look lol

Radiomorph4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Seems to be just like the other GT games. Where's the evolution besides cocpit view and online play? Could be very good anyway but I prefer simulators, which GT never was and that doesn't seem to change. I hope they have redone the AI from the ground up because that has been totally idiotic so far, and without proper car damage what's left is a arcade racer in a simlike costume.
With that said I still believe it will be a great game, but I can't see GT top real sims like the GTR series.
Funny how the most fun I've had with GT-games is to tune and costumise the cars. Races have seemed more like tiresome work (although with nice rewarding replays).
Maybe that's just me but everyone should be entitled to his/her opinion.

Get a proper FF-wheel and fire up GTR to see my point of fun and extremely immersive racing, not possible without REAL car damage. Some of you will get my point.

And I'm no fanboy whatsoever - I just want good games to be made.

InMyOpinion4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Graphics look great but it just makes me sad to see the cars bump off of each other(check the first corner in the video). What the hell is that? Also, the AI still seems non-existant. The other cars drive in a pre-determined pattern just like in all other GT games. Where's the fun in that? It's great to look at but it's supposed to be fun to play as well. I hope they fix that for GT5. Still looking forward to this game.

Btw, if you like tuning you should try Forza 2. It can't compare to GT graphically, but in all other respects it's an amazing car sim.


WOW!! ps3 graphics are incredible!

im definitely buying this when it comes out........only 30 more minutes til i go to best buy and join ps3 gamers on psn!!!!!!!!!

aggh im on fire4734d ago

Now before anyone crucifies me i must say i have been and still am looking forward to this Gt but....
This video looks like PGR and the collisions are awful, cars just don't bounce off each other like that.
Now, i am aware that this might be running in arcade mode without all the bells and whistles of simulation so im hoping this is the case.
As a side not i notice it says 8 cars in the corner of the screen... what happened to 16.

Antan4734d ago

Don`t worry, there are 16 car races.

9 shallow 1 deep4734d ago

just eye candy.....nothing more. I would still buy this game but for anybody saying this is a simulation is mistaken, more like an arcade racer to me.