Kazunori Yamauchi talks about Gran Turismo 5

Kazunori Yamauchi talks about car damage (some cars will have it, some won't), Xmas 2008 release for GT5 (not GT5 Prologue), how he would be frustrated with the Wii, and that the 360 to him is not a true full HD console.

Regarding Damage:

-They are testing car damage, but they have to reach a compromise. He put as example after the curve in Daytona, touching with the back of the car against the laterals can literally destroy the car, because it reaches a force of 150G! Yamauchi doesn't want to destroy cars like that, but he understands that fans want car damage, because it's part of reality. Some car makers don't mind car damage, others forbid it, so there will be cars with damage and cars without damage.

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sonarus4733d ago

more confirmation of car damage. :)

Skerj4733d ago

I thought the car manufacturers were the reason that car damage wasn't in since GT started, guess I was right.

ruibing4733d ago

If by "nuts" you mean an absolute genius when it comes to realistic game design that will really bring racing games to the next level, then yes he is nuts. The fact that he is thinking about as realistic as the actual physics that occurs when a real car doing 120 mph slams into a wall makes me absolutely curious at how he does car damage.

jay24733d ago

It really Beeps me off when car manufactures refuse a bunch of polygones are smashed up on a tv, and you can do it in games such as formular 1 ECT.
I mean, what do they surspect people to do?
Sue them because the lost a video game....... Get a grib car manufactures, it wont hurt you to let some VR cars get smashed up.

Regret4733d ago

I dont want car damage. I want it to shineeee always :D

Vojkan4733d ago

I agree. GT games are not about car damage. If you want that, than go Burnout or Motorstorm

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The story is too old to be commented.