PS3 system software update (v. 4.10)

PSBlog: In the course of today, a new system software update (v. 4.10) is for PlayStation ® 3 (PS3) published. The new features include:

The Internet browser has been improved, which optimizes the display of content and increases the accuracy when viewing page layouts. Some sites that previously could not be correctly displayed, including interactive websites, are now supported with the PS3 system software 4.10.

Every time your PS3 system to connect to PlayStation ® Network (PSN) are prepared in the time you can precisely set via the Internet. For this you go into the XMB (XrossMediaBar) on [Settings]> [Date and Time Settings] [Automatic Settings] to.

PSN account will be renamed Sony Entertainment Network account. The registration process and the credentials will remain the same.

In order to download PS3 system software version 4.10 requires at least 180 MB of free space on the PS3 Hard Disk Drive (System Update) or on removable storage media (PC Update).


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Nitrowolf23460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

"The Internet browser has been improved, which optimizes the display of content and increases the accuracy when viewing page layouts. Some sites that previously could not be correctly displayed, including interactive websites, are now supported with the PS3 system software 4.10."

Bout dam time they start working on the browser, though I don't expect huge changes.

And I'm confused about the PSN time thing?

SPARDA_4263460d ago

I was hoping for them to fix up the internet for quite a while now, good to now it has now been improved.

Nitrowolf23460d ago

I take that I don't expect anything huge back. The web browser is so much more faster
Youtube is LOTS better then before

Kevin ButIer3460d ago

Wow finally a good update...

problemchild843460d ago

Yeah fixing the browser has been long overdue, it seems to work much faster for me now after the update and actually works now on PS3!! Plus it hasn't frozen once yet since updated.

LORD-PHOENIX3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )


enough said....finally a worthwhile update, SEN is finally stepping its game up bigtime

Panzerkanzler3459d ago

Dropbox? Never heard of it.

sikbeta3459d ago

Nice and all, of course better than the crap updates that didn't add s***, I'm expecting more features to be added now that Vita is coming, well I'm hoping for that :P

Masta_fro3459d ago

Youtube is STILL 240p which sucks ass!!!!

darthv723459d ago

my company uses dropbox for things. Pretty neat. It's basically a cloud storage option. You have dropbox client on your pc and can put stuff there and pull it down from any other dropbox client.

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LiL T3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

Yess this works great now. Much more support and it works alot faster. ,weedblog, n4g,and smokingmeatfours all work fine on the ps3 now.

edit Youtube seems smoother and millerwelds work normal now.
edit 2 @ Godmars290... in Canada can't get hulu anyways ( at least where I am)

Godmars2903460d ago

Still, you likely wont be able to watch Hulu and if you can watch Youtube better, you wont the next day.

Downloading it now and I'm in the States.

Darth_Bane793460d ago

There is a Hulu app for the PS3 you can download for free at the PS store. It works just like Netflix

yesmynameissumo3460d ago

While Google Music now loads, you can't listen to you library via the browser. You CAN download you songs to your PS3 and play them though. WIN.

yesmynameissumo3460d ago

Just cleared cache...everything deleteable. Now Google Music Works!

FlareDReborn3460d ago

Alas one can watch porn is peace.

Darth_Bane793460d ago

You could watch porn already.. I used Xvideos, always worked.

Pushagree3460d ago

Wow n4g doesnt freeze on ps3 anymore. Web browser is 100x better now.

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NiKK_4193459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Dammit. I wanted to try out the browser before I updated so I know how well it works now (haven't used the browser in a couple years), but then it froze and now it's "checking and restoring file system"... Am I f**ked? I think I'm f**ked.

Anyway, it's about time that they updated the browser. I know there's a lot of people who only have a PS3 as their browser.

Edit: It seems fine now. Updating.

KUV19773459d ago

The translation of the time-thingy is terrible. There is now an option to let the PS3 auto-sync the time with the internet upon connection to the PSN.

falloutx3459d ago

The web browser is much better it hasn't frozen once since the update. Hopefully this isn't just a one time thing and they keep updating the browser.

soraalam13459d ago

Guys, for HD YouTube on PS3, check out You can even download any video!

Krew_923459d ago

Yeah the time was always getting messed up, you had to constantly be changing it because it moved drastically.

This new automatic time update is really helpful.

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jwk943460d ago

Not available in the US yet.

princejb1343460d ago

im in the us and im downloading now

jwk943460d ago

Yeah, it just went live.

ChiVoLok03460d ago

I was going to tell you it was but then I remembered I don't live in the U.S. anymore

mttrackmaster383460d ago

Was just about to play Kingdoms of Amalur, but it wouldn't let me sync my EA account(for my free dlc) before I download this big ass update. Who even uses the ps3 browser?

Arksine3460d ago

There are other reasons for the update, but the most noticable for the end user is the browser.

I think sometimes folks forget that the PS3 is also a bluray player. I suspect that most of the PS3 updates have to do with that functionality. I know my standalone bluray player requires firmware updates fairly often.

edwineverready3460d ago

I do as i don't have a pc or laptop.

Dee_913460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

I get tired of watching porn on my laptop and at my desk.
I like to lay out on the couch , stretch,watch big booties on big tv.
And I watch movies on letmewatchthis :D

3460d ago
Allowen3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

The PS3 web browser used to rock (never crashed) for quite a long time but then it is atm (before fw4.10) freezing my console all the time .

I guess now I will be able to use this nice web browser once again !

BTW I don t know why people hate this WB so much since it is actually good to be used to answer e-mails , checj gaming; other news etc.
I got a PC not far away from my PS3 but I rather just use my console if I am going to check "simple " web pages.