'Bioshock' tops best-of video games in 2007

"BioShock." A first-person shooter turned morality play, a thinking person's action game, a piece of electronic fiction with a soul. There are many positive ways to describe this gripping game and they're all true.

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cl63AMG4736d ago

Darn, I was hoping for Cod4. I haven't played bioshock, but I just don't know if I can play a game where you just go around beating little girls with wrenches.

FCOLitsjustagame4736d ago

There is no beating little girls with wrenches anywhere in the game.

Although the little girl does screem "kill him" to her protector a lot, basically you only fight the "big daddy". Once the big daddy is down you have the option to save or not save (or just differently save depending on your philosophy of what little sisters are and your opinion of euthenashia). In any case the choice is a one button push and a short cutscene where no wrench beating takes place.

MK_Red4736d ago

Great awards and winners. BioShock is definitly the best but for overrated, I'd go with SMG instead of Halo 3.

Sayai jin4736d ago

Agreed MK_Red, bubbles for you. Bioshock deserves some recognition. Although both games are hyped, it's a good thing for their parent console ( I love Halo 3 and SMG). I want to see Sony do the same thing for their big hitters. This way they will sell in the millions instead of 300K to 600K in the first 3 to 4 months. Nothing wrong with hype as long as you deliver!

MK_Red4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Thanks, agreed and bubbles for you too.
As for hype, there is indeed "Nothing wrong with hype as long as you deliver!" :)

BenderDGreat824736d ago

I agree 100% that this is game of the year. I'd consider myself a "fanboy" of Sony, but when this game came out, I bought myself a used Xbox360. It was worth it. The experience was engrossing, amazing, refreshing; unlike anything I've ever played. I own all the big titles for the 360, Wii and PS3 but Bioshock left me the most satisfied. I applaud the makers of this game for giving us something so different and so special. It's a really ballsy move that paid off bit time.

MK_Red4736d ago

Bubbles for you my fellow Sony fan and definitly agreed on BioShock. A true classic.

G_CodeMonkey4736d ago

Once I started playing it, I couldn't stop--which is rare for me, as with kids I usually get in a few moments of Madden, etc. while I can, but I was engrossed with Bioshock. Kudos for Ken and his team-- hope it sells twice as much as they have to this point! gCM

MK_Red4736d ago

Kudos indeed for Ken and his great team for making this masterpiece :)

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