Rumor: Uncharted Trilogy Coming March 21

Amazon France has just put up a listing for an "Uncharted Trilogy Bundle" that will bring together all three of Drake's PS3 adventures together in one convenient package.

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Biohazard88602536d ago

Nice if its an awesome price then i may pick this up

level 3602536d ago

To those few ( and up-coming new gamers' ) who haven't played this game, I'm pretty sure this trilogy will be absolutely blow them away.

bahabeast2536d ago

i played all already but only own uncharted 3 personaly i would sell my u3 copy and buy this triple pack with no questions asked, only problem is the onine pass thing but wudnt be my prob :)

GraveLord2536d ago

Won't release in the US.
I remember the same happened for God of War 1/2/3.