Sony to Gamestop: Go Ahead And Sell Vita Games

According to an unnamed source at Gamestop, employees have just received a corporate email stating that consumers can now head up to your local Gamestop and begin purchasing first-party Vita titles right now!

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GribbleGrunger4140d ago

mmm... are Sony expecting HUGE sales of games?

C0MPUT3R4139d ago

Its about being consumer friendly. You don't want to piss the early adopters off.

wanderson754140d ago

Confirmed. I'll post pics of my purchase shortly.

Misterhbk4139d ago

I asked my local GameStop and they said no. I picked up some accessories though.

Misterhbk4139d ago

did you just walk up to the register and ask for the games, or did you have to have them check their email? I just left GameStop so I won't go back tonight, but I'll go back tomorrow when I get out of class. I already have my Vita but I'm desperate for more games since I only have Uncharted lol

RatchetandClank4139d ago

Is uncharted good like the console version?

Misterhbk4139d ago

Uncharted: Golden Abyss is awesome! If you liked the console versions, you'll like this one. It plays just as well and looks damn good (though not quite as good as the PS3 games). If you weren't a fan of the console games this won't do much to sway you but for anyone that wants another awesome adventure with Drake, then Golden Abyss will be perfect for you.

RatchetandClank4139d ago

Thanks. Uncharted GA for me then, I loved uncharted 1-3.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34140d ago

Might as well sell the Vitas early too.

Jio4139d ago

Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of paying $50 extra for a week early release lol.

GribbleGrunger4140d ago

anyone considered why Sony might have done this? if you buy the games first you are less likely to be put off the purchase of a Vita by the inevitable bombardment of negativity it will get just prior to release. we've had a lull for a reason. sites are gearing up for one final STAB

dark-hollow4139d ago

I guess you are little overreacting.
A lot of major gaming sites have praised the vita.
Who cares about those no name sites opinions?
Oh and CNET are just apples b*tches.
They will flame anything without the half bitten apple.

wanderson754139d ago

Yeah! Who cares about those no name sites!


smashcrashbash4139d ago

Yeah. If you check all the reviews on this site for instance. They all at least have a nine for the VITA. Not everyone thinks badly of the VITA like CNET

MasterCornholio4139d ago

Most sites have rated the Vita pretty highly and some of them even claim that it's a lot better than the 3DS. Sure CNET gave the Vita a terrible review but if you read it you can tell that they are extremely pro apple because they believe that the iPad is better for gaming than the Vita.


MultiConsoleGamer4139d ago

Its not a rumor. I just got home with three games and the charging cradle.

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