Pal Charts week ending Dec 15th, PS3 outsells 360 by around 80k units

PAL week ending dec 15th

DS : 687,992
WII : 349,770
PS3 : 257,325
PSP : 214,993
360 : 172,401

PS3 crosses 3 million units in pal regions, bigger install base than america where it should also cross the 3 million mark once this weeks numbers are out.
AC and COD4 on the PS3 cross a million mark each
Uncharted jumped from 23 in the uk charts to 13( strong word of mouth),and 2nd weeks sales across all pal regions is as good as the 1st week(not as front loaded as some other titles)

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HarryEtTubMan4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

HAHAHAHAHAHA and its a 150$ dollars more... HILARIOUS... u bots are gonna get raped so bad

This is a 320k lead for the PS3 JUST IN EUROPE and the DESPERATE BOTS were screaming victory when the ONLY won the US by 330k... I cant wait to see Japans and New Zealand... Ausrailia and EVERYWHERE added on to this. What more proof do u need that the PS3 is now winning. THIS IS 80K JUST IN EUROPE

AngryHippo4736d ago

.....please keep your idiot comments to yourself and stop trying to start a flamewar. I am pleased for sony but no need to act like such a loser about it, i mean come on, how does this benefit you personally?!do you get money for every ps3 sold?!didnt think so.......I HATE FANBOYS!!!!!

the worst4736d ago

the ball is rolling and it cant be stop now

MADGameR4736d ago

Whatever happened to, PS3 has ''NO GAMES''? If PS3 HAS no games, then why is it selling more units than 360? 360 is at its BEST right now! You can tell the 360 is going down in terms of sales. PS3 will take over.....PS3 does have some catching up to do in the U.S. Nintendo DID make a smart decision for the Wii to be the cheapest console in the market. However, with all those K-A games, the Wii will not last in the future. As for 360 fans, you can consider the PS3 having NO games! Ok then...looks like the 360 is getting its @ss handed to in sales! ''No games'' yeah right...SONY has'nt even TOUCHED their exclusive IPs yet. Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4 GoTP, God of War III, etc. So yeah, best of luck to Microsoft. They better get their sh1t together.

Genuine4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Assuming the ps3 didn't outsell the 360 by over 210,000 in Japan for November, then the 360 still outsold the ps3 worldwide. In case people forgot, 360 outsold ps3 by over 300,000 in N.A. for November, and those were NPD numbers.

Ps3 only outsold 360 by around 35,000 for OCT in Japan.

masterg4736d ago


Your calucaltions are way off.
The 80k in Europe is one week. Not one month.
If the 360 outsells the PS3 with 300k in one month in the US, that means 70k per week. Meaning 80k in Europe would be enough on its own.

ruibing4736d ago

I think your months and weeks are messed up. The PS3 is clearly outselling the 360 on a week by week basis in EU and JP, so all that is left is for it to catch up in NA. I believe PS3 will probably tie with 360 for the rest of the year and start overtaking it during the first half of next year.

XxZxX4736d ago

geniune is officially geniune stupid. Can't differentiate week and month. God please don't put this guy in any job that related to number.

SmokeyMcBear4736d ago

ahahahahahaha oh man.. i just read this little exchange.. thanks genuine.. i really needed that laugh.. oh man.. let me quote him...
"Ps3 only outsold 360 by around 35,000 for OCT in Japan. "

oh man.. i like trying to find numbers to make my point.. but one thing he fails to notice or say.. is that if you change the month from october to november.. you will see that the ps3 outsold the 360, by 170,000 units for november.. ah genuine.. you should do stand up

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gamesblow4736d ago

This isn't new... PS3 has always out sold the xbox 360 in Europe. Week in and out. What I find funny is that it only released there in march and is already more than half of the xbox 360's install base... Which, by the way, is more than 2 years now. ahhahahahahaahah..

Ps3 is kickin' xbox's ass in Europe and Japan for sure.

lawman11084735d ago

They are buying Blueray players you tool. The 360 outsells the ps3 in game sales 40 to 1.

krackchap4736d ago

ps3 is currently around 7.5 mill with 2(holiday period) weeks to go and this weeks numbers from japan and US,PS3 shd be able to do around 8 million.
end of 2007 PS3 sales shd be close to 9 million, WOW

TANOD4736d ago

expect another 250k for NA+JAPAN sales for PS3

expect atleast 600/700k ps3s worldwide next week

expect 700k/800k ps3s in the last week of December comprising of (dec 23 and dec 24)

so 1.3m + 8.7/8.8 m = 9.0/9.1m

captainjy4736d ago

Just WOW! Please. The only numbers that are accurate are the NPD numbers. VGChartz is crap and everyone knows it. The 360 will continue to dominate the PSFree.

TANOD4736d ago


The only numbers which are accurate are GFK numbers

GFK claimed that ps3 has already passed 400k in FRANCE

keep dreaming XBOTS. more miseries coming in the next 2 weeks

pswi604736d ago

i love how vgchartz are ignored when ps3 leads in sales, but used exclusively to show when the 360 is doing well (or leading).

the ONE thing i will never understand is how the 360 NEVER saw a sales hit when the ps3/wii came out and the RROD was in full swing....almost unheard of in the world of sales.

my guess is there will be a major correction the the NA 360 numbers on vgchartz, they have been overtracking the 360 by almost a million units (canada) and undertracking the ps3 globally.

year end: ps3 9 million
360 14 million (corrected down 1 million to be accurate)

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xplosneer4736d ago

I've seen the PS3 increase about 1% every 2 weeks or so. Nice. Competition is good.