Gamer 2.0: Burnout Paradise PS3 and Xbox 360 Impressions

It's strange that for as long as Burnout has been around, nobody else has really tried to emulate its style of racing. That's actually a great thing, as each new installment feels like you're getting reacquainted with a great friend you haven't seen in a long while, which is the first feeling that the new demo gives off.

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i3EY4736d ago

2008 will be year for sony.

eddispider4736d ago

Burnout paradise is ok, but nothing special. Pgr 4 is just as boring as pgr 3 and metropolis street racer on dreamcast. Forza 2 is not as good as gt5 prologue.

lynx1halo4736d ago

Anyone out there who is Iffy on this title..just download it and try will BLOW you AWAY with its replayability and visuals GUARANTEED

nirwanda4736d ago

no bumpmapping bad textures looks like a poor 360 launch game with better crash physics and online races see vid

Morratut4736d ago

I smell fanboys ;)

BO Paradise looks like a great game. Its going back to it's original roots of BO1 & 2. BO 3&4 was ok but not as good as 2.