Local GameStop Says It’ll Show a PS Vita to Anyone, Pre-Order or Not

Yesterday, Kotaku published a story in which it was suggested, after to speaking to a local store here, that some GameStop stores would only be showcasing a demonstration model of the PlayStation Vita for those who had preordered the device.

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Emilio_Estevez4018d ago

I played with a demo version at a gamestop a few weeks ago, so I think the people kotaku spoke to are just making stuff up.

jujubee884018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

The GS the author originally went to was an exception, in that they only let ppl who pre-order could play it.

They where clarifying the majorty of GS stores have demos anyone can play.

MasterCornholio4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Jeez it would be really stupid to only let people who pre ordered the device to demo it. The Vita needs all the sales it can get and keeping it away from potential customers will harm more than it helps. The other day I was in gamestop browsing and a father came in with his kid to buy a 3DS. Since they had a Vita station there the kid tried out the Vita and decided that he wanted it instead. If the console was locked up maybe that wouldn't have happened at all.


jujubee884018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I can only laugh at your anger and believe your story.

Pretty much any reviewer (or just person that has been in possession of the Vita) has thought the PS Vita is a terrific device worthy of purchasing and supporting but, not enough has done to market the device. Keeping an open PS Vita station at an actual gamestore could help that.

It is also good it is just a few weeks before the device launches bc demo units can easily have their analogs lose tension or buttons become spongy after a couple of months. This way, ppl get a decent representation of the product.

bahabeast4018d ago

i love sony and all thier eletronis but they have NO marketing @ all i havnt seen a vita commercial yet, they should market the shiz out of it and im sure alot of people would want the handheld

jujubee884018d ago

Sony has already stated they will market it on the launch week.

I can see why some people want better/more marketing on the PS Vita (or any product) the more I get into the hobby of gaming. Idk if people are right or wrong but, I can (sort of) sympathize with those that get caught up in sales numbers and/or marketing.

jay24018d ago

LOL, they're walking around with it in GAME and Gamestation in the UK.

Sorrow244018d ago

My store has it locked up on a plastic see-through case. Apparently some people have stolen 2 3DS's already and they're not taking any chances with the Vita. People these days...

Hicken4018d ago

Our Vita got snatched Saturday. A store with about 30 people pretty much saw it happen, watched the guy walk out with it, and said nothing. At least they seem to be less functional than the 3DS demo units, though, so he won't be getting what he expected out of his prize.