Killzone 2 - Beta, Vehicles & Aliens Info?

The latest OPM issue (possibly UK OPM) contains some interesting snippets regarding Killzone 2.

• Killzone 2 also promises the inclusion of player-controlled vehicles
• Public beta test in mid '08

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MK_Red4735d ago

I just hope they make the perfect control, AI and level design along with great graphics so KZ2 can live up to it's promise and hype. Can't wait.

HeartlesskizZ4735d ago

I hope 2... and vehicles is not a big hype for me in KZ2 but is sure a good +.... im very concern about the gameplay configuration... I still think that being able to switch in 3rd person wile cover could have been a great add...

MK_Red4735d ago

I don't know much about the cover system and vehicles are new to KZ but the areas that I really hope they put their effor into perfecting the control, level design and most importantly, enemy AI.
Multiplayer is good but I'm not a MP type of person and prefer a singleplayer with good story and great level design to any multiplayer mode. Let's hope KZ2 delievers on both fronts :)

sonarus4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

i used to be single player oriented but this is next gen mk_red. Online is where it is at. I love playing with my friends and talkin trash and all. My friends arent always around but they have online connections and have ps3's/360's so we play online. Helghast arent the only ppl on helghan that opens up more possibilities. Guerilla is quite aware of the major criticisms from KZ1 and they plan to address these issues head on. I hate multiplayer games without vehicles i can say right now if KZ dosent have vehicles it will probably be a rental cus i knw i wnt play the multiplayer for long. Level design is quite important they need to give us levels that are quite original and truly fun to play in

MK_Red4735d ago

I know Multiplayer is important for next-gen and agree but as I said, it's not important to me as no matter what, I'm a singleplayer guy and always prefer SP to multiplayer / MMO and stuff. Always the lone wolf ;)


this game looks freaking badassss.

i love the trailers for it, theyre so awesome. i like the animations when you shoot the guys with red eyes

MK_Red4735d ago

Killzone 2 and The Dark Knight are both pretty badass and hopefully both live up to their hype and potential.

Violater4735d ago

am I the only one that is upset that we prob wont get the game till next fall?

TheHater4735d ago

Dude even if the make this game perfect, or come really close to perfection, people are still going to complain. Trolls will always come up with something that doesn't make an sense to bash it.

I for one can't wait for this game. I will really like to be in that Beta. And if the Beta is coming out mid 2008. Then this game will be coming out around September next year.

Polluted4735d ago

@Demon_Zoul: I know what you mean about the cover system. I mean a cover system that works in the first person sounds like a weird idea, but Guerilla really seems to be focused on keeping the player as immersed in the game as possible. Taking us out of the first person would kind of kill the immersion factor. If they can pull this off and make the game as immersive as they are hoping, then I'm all for the first person cover system.

Crazyglues4734d ago

-I just hope they make the perfect control, AI and level design along with great graphics so KZ2 can live up to it's promise and hype. Can't wait.

Bubbles for you my friend, I don't think I could have said it better.

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Clinton5144735d ago

The date sounds about right for the beta. As for the vehicles I believe that's a given as well.

I'm not sure how to feel about a third faction in the game. I'm scared for the game if it's true. :( ISA vs. Helghast is enough for me.

MK_Red4735d ago

A new faction could end up either really really good or really really bad. Hopefully the former happens.

Polluted4735d ago

I think a third faction will be cool. A lot of the complaints about the first Killzone are completely unfounded IMO, but one issue with that game that everyone can agree on is that there wasn't much variety in the enemies. Adding another faction to the game could really add some much needed variety in the stuff you're shooting at. If handled well it could take the story in some neat directions as well. Or it could just suck...

HarryEtTubMan4735d ago

Killzone 2 is gonna pwn. They arent gonna screw it up. I know it. Ive heard the Multiplayer is insane and super intense!

i3EY4735d ago

cant wait till the beta goin 2 b some good s!$5

MK_Red4735d ago

Thanks but the credit belongs to Clinton514 :)

Skerj4735d ago

Wow player controlled vehicles? Here I was thinking the MP mode would be a decidedly closed affair, but if we get to play out the opening sequences with the dropships online hot damn that's going to rock.

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